NO CUT - NO TRIM Block-in-a-Block FREE Pattern!

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Has this ever happened to you where a quilty friend shares a link to a really cool technique and you "think" you've committed it to memory until you didn't?

Yep, that's exactly what happened in this situation.  I "thought" I had the technique all locked down in my memory and I was in my sewing room making a block when my block did NOT look like the block I had remembered.  What happened?!!!

Preface it to say, "my mistake" turned out to be better than the original!!  Why?  Because "my way" requires NO TRIMMING when the block is all done.

How's that!  NO CUTTING and NO TRIMMING - whose interested now?!!

Let me show you "my way" in creating the NO CUT - NO TRIM Block-in-a-Block Quilt.

  • Grab (1) EACH of your favorite 5" and 10" Stackers.  I used my NEW Midnight Garden Stackers available here!

PreCut 5 and 10 inch Stackers in Midnight Garden by Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs for Riley Blake Designs

  • Press BOTH the 5" and 10" squares in half vertically AND horizontally with a hot iron to create the crease.  
  • Place the 5" PRESSED square (right side up) on top of a 10" PRESSED square (right side up) aligning the pressed lines so the 5" square is centered on the 10" square.
  • Using the cardboard stock found in your 10" Stacker pack, lay it on top of the layered fabrics so the edge of the cardboard lines up with the edge of the 5" square.
  • Using a hot iron, press the fabric onto the cardboard stock, slide the cardboard stock out and pin.
  • Repeat the SAME steps on the other side.   
  • Sew a 1/4" from each edge.  
  • Press open.
  • Rotate your block and REPEAT the exact steps above to the other two sides.
  • To create a NO CUT - NO TRIM Block-in-a-Block finishing 9" square!
  • Lay your blocks out in a pleasing fashion of 6 blocks across x 7 blocks down.  
  • Sew the rows together, quilt, bind and DONE!!!
No CUT No TRIM Block in a Block FREE Quilt Pattern by Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs
  • Isn't she so pretty?! 
  • The perfect lap size coming in at 51" x 59"! 
  • And perfect to make EASILY in a weekend or ONE dedicated day to quilting!
Whose RUNNING to their sewing room and grabbing their favorite 5" and 10" Stackers to make their very own NO CUT - NO TRIM Block-in-a-Block quilt? 
I see quite a few hands raised.  You're Welcome!
Happy NO CUT - NO TRIM Quilting!

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  • I’m going to start one today!

    Jean Hoffman on
  • This is so wonderful you shared. Thank you so much! Beautiful Quilt. I’ve tried a quilt once…that’s ONCE. Lol I think I can do this! Will give it a shot!

    Emmy on
  • I absolutely loved making these blocks but, now to sew them together…I noticed that they are 9 inches by 8.5 inches and that is something that surprised me. Did you trim them to make them 8.5 inches square?

    Donna on
  • I love this. I am hooked on making these blocks. Such a fun technique.

    Mary on
  • Thank you. Love this quilt. Started mine today.

    Carrol on

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