Gerri Robinson

Fabric Designer for Riley Blake Designs

Quilt and Pattern Designer for Planted Seed Designs and PSD2

Contributing Quilt Designer for:
McCall's Quilting Magazine
McCall's Quick Quilts Magazine
Fons & Porter Love of Quilting Magazine

Published Author for Martingale & Company
"A Cut Above" released Fall 2013

Published Author for It's Sew Emma
"Quilted Living" released Fall 2014

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Welcome to Planted Seed Designs. I’m Gerri Robinson.

I started Planted Seed Designs in 2005 after a career in sales and marketing. I had been quilting for 7 years when I decided I wanted to take the next step and begin creating my own designs.

Planted Seed Designs comes from that part of me that loves a classic, traditional look in fabrics and quilts. I try to capture that classic feel in my fabric designs by updating reproduction prints in colors and scales that work in today’s home décor. My quilt designs lean toward the classic, too, with an emphasis on stars and pinwheels, my two favorite block elements.

In 2018 I launched PSD2, a new division of Planted Seed Designs. My 3 adult sons had challenged me to create fabrics and quilts for them—fabrics that had no flowers or leaves and quilts that had no stars or pinwheels. What?? At first I wasn’t sure I was up to the task, but once I got started, the ideas began to flow. I like to think of PSD2 as Pure and Simple Designs for the next generation. It features simpler, less traditional fabrics, and the quilt designs take the same approach: a little less traditional, but still classic in their simplicity. Gem Stones, introduced at Fall Market 2018, was my first line in this new division. The guys loved it!

These two divisions allow me to express myself in similar but different ways in fabric and quilt designs. I hope you enjoy exploring them both as much as I enjoy creating them.

Although I spend most of my time designing for Planted Seed Designs and PSD2, I also enjoy designing outdoor spaces and garden beds and—unlike most people—finding ways to take the indoors out. In my opinion, a tufted cushion on a garden bench or a quilt tossed over a lounge chair makes a beautiful space even more special.

If I’m not in the studio or in the garden, you might find me on a road trip with my husband, Eric, and our dog, Riley, heading off to visit one of our sons: Andrew in Austin, Josh in Phoenix, or Michael in Indianapolis. It’s a good life!