MOD-ified Quilts

Q:  What is a MOD-ified Quilt Design?

A: To make partial or minor changes to something, typically to improve it or to make it less extreme.

In my case, the MOD-ified quilts were a very unexpected but pleasant surprise when I made a minor change to Rustic Village, Haven, Journey and Unique quilts by re-creating them in Riley Blake Confetti Cottons.  I took a traditional looking design and made it current with a simple MOD-ification; changing the floral fabrics to solids.

You will need the ORIGINAL book for the pattern to make each of these designs. We only provide the UPDATED Materials List and Cutting Directions. The construction of each design is found in the original pattern.

  • Blossom MOD-ified
    72" x 72"
  • Flutter MOD-ified
    62" x 78"
  • Hidden Shoofly MOD-ified
    46" x 46"
  • Rustic Village MOD-ified
    64" x 64"
  • Haven MOD-ified
    60" x 60"
  • Journey MOD-ified
    60" x 60"
  • Unique MOD-ified
    60" x 60"