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Posted by Gerri Robinson on

I want to introduce a new concept I'm calling Build-a-Block, Build-a-Quilt! The first design utilizing this new concept is my Gem Stones Star Sampler.

Here's how it works: In the Gem Stones Star Sampler, the block building begins with a traditional 8-point star that you build upon with 3 different pieced surroundings, creating very unique blocks along the way.

This is a 5 designs in ONE pattern series where we will show the instructions for each of the elements needed for each Build-a-Block to then create 4 individual and unique quilts! We then take the block designs from each quilt and combine them to make the Gem Stones Star Sampler!

I know it sounds like a lot to digest but I know you will pick it up in no time with our detailed, easy to use instructions included in the pattern.

All 5 quilt designs in this Build-a-Block pattern are constructed using my signature basic quilting elements: Half-Square Triangle, Flying Geese, and Square-in-a-Square units. If you need to refresh your skills on these elements, click HERE!

I am so excited to introduce this new concept and be able to continue providing you with quilt patterns that can make more than one design! 


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  • I love samplers and traditional blocks — this pattern concept gives me both. LOVE IT!

    Jean on
  • Sounds wonderful. What a great concept.

    Deborah Urich on
  • Gerri, just love this design 👍

    Christine on

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