Let's Twist and Turn in Brilliance!

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Remember when I originally introduced you to Twist & Turn almost a year ago? 

Where SIX different layouts are made from the SAME block or the SAME block in two different sizes.

All the designs featured in the Twist & Turn booklet were originally made from our Floret Collection.

But we had to see what they would look like REFRESHED in Brilliance!  Want to see how they look?

TWIST & TURN (60" x 72") is the FIRST design that started it all. 
SAME block simply repeated throughout. 

Or set in a fashion that makes the blocks appear like Propellers (72" x 72")!

Mini TWIST & TURN (60" x 72") where the larger TWIST & TURN block is miniaturized and repeated over and over.

Lean the large AND small TWIST & TURN blocks to the right (or left if that's your jam) for the Lean to the Right (60" x 72") version.

Mix it up This Way and That Way (60" x 72") for yet another take on these blocks.

 Or how about a "Circular" Medallions style layout (48" x 48").

 Or an "X" Style Medallion (48" x 48")

Interested in Twist & Turn-ing in Brilliance
You can find the Twist & Turn booklet here
and ALL the Brilliance fabrics here!
What design would you make first?









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