Wonky Wonder Block-in-a-Block Quilt You're Going to LOVE!

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You may think this is all about Garden of Quilts but WAIT!!!  That's just the intro and a quick summary of my time spent there last week.  Stay with me to see what the title of this post is really all about . . . Wonky Wonder Block-in-a-Block!

I just got back from the Garden of Quilts in Lehi, Utah and boy oh boy it did NOT disappoint.

If you have NOT been, you definitely need to grab a friend or two and head there next year.  They've already announced the dates so you can plan and save for the best time ever!

Next year's Garden of Quilts will take place from September 11 - 14, 2024 in Lehi, Utah at Thanksgiving Point where lots and lots of quilts will be displayed throughout the entire Ashton Gardens (below).

I had the opportunity to share my latest designs, Twist and Turn, Galaxy of Stars, Galaxy of Stars II and several of my Heartfelt quilts with fellow quilters during my lecture segment.  

Before I started my lecture, I teased the group that I had a quilt that would blow their minds BUT they had to wait until the very end because I knew it would generate a lively discussion.

Before I go any further, you'll need to familiarize yourself or RE-FAMILIARIZE yourself with my NO CUT - NO TRIM Block-in-a-Block that I shared here back in November, 2022.

Don't take my word for it, please please please click on the link above and check it out because the rest of this post will make NO sense.

OK, all up to speed and all on the same page now?  As I had anticipated, the group went nuts when I showed them "how" to make a single NO CUT - NO TRIM block.  Their creative juices started flowing and before you knew it, comments were being shared, questions asked and the conversation got very lively!

I wish I would have gotten the quilter's name because she had the BEST question, that got my creative juices flowing, that generated this post.

"Can you OFF CENTER the 5" square and still be a NO CUT - NO TRIM design?"

Yes!  Yes!  Yes! and here's the proof . . . . . 

Can you see how I've randomly off centered the 5" center square?  Check out some of those "skinny margins"!

And they still line up perfectly with each other!

And with the WONKY method you can skip creasing both your 5" and 10" squares completely!  Yep, save yourself a step.  I LOVE me some WONKY sewing!

 AND you want to know another "benefit" of the WONKY method?  NO SEAMS TO MATCH UP!  Just grab your blocks and sew them in rows then sew your rows together and ta-dah; done!

Show of hands, who is LOVING this new twist on an already very popular design?

There's no pattern.  Just a quick glance back to THIS blog post for the step by step illustrations MINUS creasing of the 5" and 10" squares for your very own Wonky Wonder!

Who's running to their sewing room now?  Me too!  I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of Wonky Wonder quilts.

In case you're wondering, I used a Floret 5" and 10" Stacker for the blocks above and I'm loving how it looks.  If you want to capture that same look, you can purchase both stackers here.

Happy Wonky Wonder Sewing!




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  • Thanks for the inspiration. I am relatively a new sewist. I was repurposing old napkins and pillowcases and my 10 inch square were not quite accurate but love this idea. My quarter inch seam is accurate. I want to sew a keepsake for my grandsons and have super hero yardage so I need some cutting practice in that regard. I follow you on IG. Keep the ideas coming for us newbies♥

    susie in the country on
  • Wow! I cant wait to try this. Also, I wanted to let you know I entered my Majestic Sampler in this years community fair and won 1st. It turned out so pretty. Im relatively new to quilting and I enjoyed the challenge of the quilt design. Your instructions are excellent! Thanks so much.

    Denise on

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