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I'm back with the results of our latest version of the No Cut No Trim Block-in-a- Block quilt we named Simply Brilliant!

Not quite sure what I'm talking about?  Check out this blog post here to catch up.

Now that you're all caught up, let me bring you up to speed on what happened since that last blog post.

I mailed ALL my Block-in-a-Block blocks (PLUS several coordinating Floret fabrics) to my long armer, Penny Barnes, and gave her FULL creative liberty to lay the blocks out in any fashion she felt best worked for the overall design.

I absolutely LOVE what she did - Simply Brilliant!!
As you can see, she set the center blocks like this

with all the small patches facing the center to make a 4-Patch; making a total of 6. Penny sewed the (6) 4-Patch blocks together 2 across x 3 down for the pieced center of the quilt.  Do you see it?

From several of the remaining Block-in-a-Block blocks, she sewed 2 together as shown along the perimeter of the quilt.

and used the coordinating Floret prints along with a single Block-in-a-Block for the 4 corners.  Were you able to follow all that?

 Simply Brilliant don't you think?!

So with a "show of hands" (really a comment below), what is your favorite version of the No Cut No Trim Block-in-a-Block design?

The Original where it all started shown above?

Original blog post here

Or the Wonky Wonder (above) where a simple question led to this?!

Wonky Wonder blog post here with all the details.

 Or the Simply Brilliant where we are today?!

Oh, its OK to like ALL of them, I certainly do! 

I know from previous blog post comments, many of you have jumped into the Block-in-a-Block craze and I would LOVE to see your NO Cut NO Trim Block-in-a-Block quilts.  Please share your pictures with me at the link here!

If the Simply Brilliant quilt speaks to you, you can find the Brilliance Pre-Cuts here and the coordinating Floret prints here!

The Floret colors that coordinate beautifully with Brilliance are:

Floret Blue, Floret Fuchsia, Floret Jade, Floret Teal, Floret Turquoise, Floret Eggplant, Floret Orchid, Floret Violet, and Floret Ochre

Until next time, happy quilting!










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