Our Classic PRE-CUT Designs REFRESHED in Brilliance!

Posted by Gerri Robinson on

Welcome to the 2024 Brilliance Runway Show where Brilliance struts her stuff in a variety of Brilliance Pre-Cuts.  Enjoy the show!

First up, SWIRL!

SWIRL is easy and breezy as Half Square Triangles SWIRL and dance across the confetti tossed ground.

SWIRL is Rolie Polie Friendly (that's 2-1/2" x WOF strips) and measures 52" x 52".

Next up, PATHWAYS!

There's no getting lost with this design.  Just follow the PATHWAYS, small or large, to navigate your way around this design!

PATHWAYS is 5" Stacker Friendly and measures 62" x 62".

Introducing, HOPSCOTCH!

Hop, jump, hop, hop, jump!  One leg or two legs, it doesn't matter as you HOPSCOTCH along the beautiful bright prints!

HOPSCOTCH is 10" Stacker Friendly and measures 64" x 72".

Followed by WINDMILLS!

WINDMILLS will keep you spinning and twirling but you won't mind as the WINDMILL blades spin glorious color all around.

WINDMILLS is Rolie Polie Friendly (2-1/2" x WOF strips) and measures 48" x 48".

Did you enjoy the show?  Interested in making any of the "runway" designs?  You can find ALL the patterns here and pre-cuts here!


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