Rosette Panel! We Packed A LOT in this Post!

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I am so excited to share my

(3) NEW Rosette Panels (measuring 38" x 38") 

with you today that its hard to contain my excitement!



and Silver

So I'm jumping right in with some incredible eye candy for pure visual enjoyment!  

Enjoy the show!

Rosette Quilt (above)

48" x 48"

Rosette Snowball Blossoms Quilt (above)

60" x 60"

Rosette Rail Fence (above)

64" x 64"

 All (3) Quilts use (1) Rosette panel 


Gem Stone Bright prints!

What goes best with a quilt?  A pillowcase!

What else can be made from a Rosette panel

Totes?  Bags and Carry Alls?

"Cool" Side (above)

And on the "flip side" - warm (above)

Striking a pose, because, why not!?

Tall Tote made by my sister, Trish Seppell @trishseppell, using the

Tourist Tote Bag pattern by Sew Many Creations here!

And the Travel Time Zips by Penny Sturges of Quilts Illustrated 

pattern here!

ALL (4) Travel Time Zips

were made using a SINGLE Rosette Panel! 


What about a Quilt Block Keeper (back),

Quilter's Notebook (bottom left)

and Project Bag (bottom right)

How fun would it be to show up at your next small group

or quilt retreat toting all these goodies! 

All oohs and awes to my sister, Trish Seppell for making these beauties!


And how about a super quick NO SEW project?

Let's hoop-de-panel for instant beautiful hoop art!


Love the no-sew or barely sew projects?

How about sewing (4) Black Rosette Panels together

for a generous 68" x 68" throw (below):

Interested in something a bit larger?

Possibly for a dorm room's X-Long Twin bed

for your daughter, niece or grand-daughter?

Sew (6) Cloud Rosette Panels together for a

68" x 102" X-Long Twin Bed Quilt!

And you know, you can ALWAYS add a Gem Stones BRIGHT print

as an outer border to make it even larger!


Are you wondering where all this comes from? 

There are soooooo many clues in the photos below:


Any guesses? 

Do you see any similarities of my Rosettes and a Millefiori Design?

I have ALWAYS admired Millefiori Quilts but knew I would NEVER (ever) make a "traditional" one but that did NOT stop me from figuring out a way to create my own version until Right Now!!! 

I used my Blooming Blossom templates and started to play and before I knew it, (12) Rosette designs were created!  Does it all make sense now?

My Rosette Panels are my interpretation of the traditional Millefiori Quilt WITHOUT all the work!!


Guess what?  We didn't stop there  . . . . . .

my sister, Theresa, embroidery stitched EACH Rosette design using

Riley Blake Designs Bright Wool and DMC Floss!

Aren't they simply stunning!!!!!

Enjoy the close ups below and check out all the stitching details!


Will there be embroidery patterns?  They're not needed!   

Simply use the Rosette panel as your pattern for element placement


the Blooming Blossom Templates to trace the designs


a 10" Stacker of Riley Blake Designs Bright Wools


follow my sister, Theresa's stitches in the pictures above!

When the Rosette panel ships in April 2021, I'll dive in deeper, here on my blog, with close up pics making it easier to follow so you can use the SAME embroidery stitches my sister used!


From quilts, to pillowcases, to bags, totes, and carry alls to simple hoop art and wool embroidery, what else could we use the Rosette Panel for?

How about the PERFECT backdrop for Riley's photoshoot! 

Truth be told, it really wasn't a Riley photoshoot but rather a Riley photobomb!  Riley was letting me know it was time to pay attention to HIM!

Are your eyes glazed over absorbing all the beauty? 

Mission accomplished then!

I haven't stopped dreaming about all the other things I want to create with the Rosette Panel so stay tuned here, on my blog, because there's more to come! 

I just have to wait for April 2021 when the Rosette Panels become available to create more new and exciting things!


Speaking of dreaming.  My dear friend Kim of Zappy Dots,

has dreamed up some incredibly fun and exciting new products

using my Gem Stone prints and quilt designs!

Introducing the V-Neck Flair Tee

featuring the Gem Stones Nightfall print 

and Criss Cross Stars Zappy Wrap


 Such a perfect pairing!

Speaking from experience, the V-Neck Flair Tee is very comfortable

and has just the right amount of

"flair" in all the right (mid-section) places 

for those of us looking for a little bit of forgiveness!

And a nice length too (not too long and not too short)

it's just right! 

Kim did a GREAT job making sure she created a shirt for women

that wants and appreciates these fine details! 


Let's talk about the Zappy Wrap (scarf). 

I'm absolutely LOVING mine and with Fall's arrival,

I wear mine wrapped around my neck everyday

now that the cooler weather is here.

It's absolutely PERFECT!!  

Both the Tee and Wrap are made right here in the USA

from a polyester/elastane fabric that is lightweight, breathable, ultra stretchy, fade resistant, moisture wicking, quick drying, wrinkle free and provides

UPF 50+ sun protection.  Machine wash, tumble dry!

Check out these other great pairings!


A Gem Stones Platinum V-Neck Tee

paired with a

Delightful Audrey Zappy Wrap (above)


a Gem Stones Bright Cherry Bomb V-Neck Tee

paired with a

Gem Stones Bright Sophia Zappy Wrap (above)


No need to wait to score yourself some wearable Gem Stones
and Planted Seed Designs' quilt designs, you can order today here!
Christmas is right around the corner!


Curious what size to order?  No worries, size chart found here


WOW!  We covered A LOT of information here, didn't we?! 

Please let me know your thoughts on the above

and any ideas you have on how you would use a Rosette Panel

in the Comments Below

Oh, and if you purchase a V-Neck Flair Tee or Zappy Wrap,

I'd love to know what you think!  

Thank you again for stopping by and sharing a bit of your time with me

to share all the goodies on my Rosette Panel

and NUMEROUS projects/products!



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  • I just fell in love all over again! Can hardly wait until April! Kudos once again!!!❤️

    Kim Henderson on
  • I love this!!! Such vibrant colors.

    Fran Dill on

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