Rustic Romance Coordinates Beautifully with Heartfelt (Mostly)!

Posted by Gerri Robinson on

I received many email inquiries wondering if Heartfelt matched or coordinated with Rustic Romance and I was a bit hesitant to respond without shooting some quick pics first to share. 

Rustic Romance on top - Heartfelt prints on the bottom

Absolutely Rustic Romance looks gorgeous with the Heartfelt prints.  So much so, I'm wishing I had more Rustic Romance prints to play with! 

Now, when it comes to the pinks in Rustic Romance compared to the pinks in Heartfelt, the pink is Heartfelt is more of a peachy-pink whereas Rustic Romance is more of a pinky-pink as seen below.

Oh boy!  When you put the two side-by-side (above), Rustic Romance really highlights the peachy-pink of Heartfelt!  BUT in the Heartfelt collection as a whole, the peachiness does NOT come through that strong!

The other email inquiries I received was "how does the Midnight Garden Blush 108" Wide Back coordinate with Heartfelt?"

I chose to only photograph the Heartfelt pinks (I did my best) and I personally feel it would look beautiful, especially since its on the back and not up close/next to the Heartfelt pink prints.

If you're still not 100% sure, I'd recommend purchasing a Heartfelt 5" Stacker and comparing the colors and tones of Rustic Romance to Heartfelt.

I personally feel you cannot go wrong with mixing "most" of the Heartfelt prints with Rustic Romance.

Here's a quick link to our Heartfelt 5" Stacker here!

Will you be mixing and matching Rustic Romance with Heartfelt?  I sure hope so because it will be beautiful!




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