A Celestial Match - Be Still My Heart(felt)!

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Do you remember when I shared the picture of Galaxy of Stars

done up in Land of the Free by My Mind's Eye in my June 2nd newsletter?

Well it definitely "planted a seed" to REFRESH this originally designed

(3) color quilt in my NEW Heartfelt Collection!

Here's the original (above) and check it out in Heartfelt (below)!

Well, what do you think?  I LOVE how a fabric collection

can really change the look and feel of a design. 

That's why you'll always see me showing/sharing some of my older,

classic designs REFRESHED in my latest fabric collections!

Oh, I didn't stop there!   Why would I when the Galaxy of Stars booklet

has (4) Quilt options in addition to wall hangings and table runners!

Want to see the other quilts REFRESHED in Heartfelt

I think you're really going to like them a lot; I sure do!  Here we go . . . . 

The above design, Galaxy of Stars I: Option 1 Quilt 
found on page 10 of the Galaxy of Stars booklet.
Next up, is the Galaxy of Stars I: Option 2 Quilt
found on page 19 below:

The only difference between the above (2) designs, is

Option 2 REPLACES the 4-Patch blocks with 4" stars!

Speaking of differences, here's what the very first Heartfelt

quilt above looks like when you CHANGE OUT the 4-Patch blocks

with a 4" star too (below)!

Personally, I kind of like the 4" stars in this design below!

I'm still amazed how a simple "element" change really impacts a quilt's design.  Are you Team Option 1 or Team Option 2?  Or both?  

I'm both, if you're curious. 

Next up is, Galaxy of Stars II Quit 

found on page 26 of the Galaxy of Stars booklet below:

Another winner for sure!  Do you agree?

Well, I hope you enjoyed this celestial matchmade in Heartfelt as much as I do. 

Let me know in the comments below if you like the Galaxy of Stars quilts

above in their original (3) color classic red, white and blue

or if you enjoy seeing them in my new Heartfelt collection!



Quick link to Galaxy of Stars here!

Quick link to Heartfelt here!







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  • Hello!
    I love your Heartfelt Collection and I love the Galaxy of the Stars III quilt you did with it!
    I have a Heartfelt FQB and the book, if I add the 5 yards of white for the background, will the fQB be enough or do I need to order yardage in additional colors?

    Shannon on

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