Quilts in Bloom Blossoms Brightly in Gem Stones - Part I

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I realize not everyone is a fan of a traditional floral quilt BUT what if we took that SAME floral quilt and made it up in bright, cheery, happy colors like Gem Stones!

That's what we did with MOST of the designs in my Quilts in Bloom Book.

Playing With Blocks I

We used several of the original Gem Stone prints and paired them with a dark ground in Playing With Blocks I (above).  Such a beautiful and stunning contrast, don't you think?

Playing with Blocks I is 5" Stacker Friendly so if you have (1) favorite 5" Stacker you were wondering what to make, Playing with Blocks I is a GREAT, quick and easy quilt to make.  The quilt finishes at 34" x 50".

Playing with Blocks II (below) uses the SAME block as Playing with Blocks I (above) just laid out a little bit differently creating a completely different and unique design.

Playing with Blocks II

Playing with Blocks II is also 5" Stacker friendly using (2) 5" Stackers and a bit of background fabric to make this cute and fun 36" x 48" quilt.

We enhanced the open areas along the perimeter of the quilt with simple fusible wool shapes adding just a bit of character and charm to the quilt.

Flower Patch (below) is another 5" Stacker Friendly design using (2) Stackers.


You really cannot get any simpler than sewing small and large squares together and adding a bit of wool applique to the perimeter to really play upon the quilt's name, Flower Patch!

X-Marks the Spot (below) is probably my favorite design REFRESHED in Gem Stone Brights!

I love how the color dances across the quilt from warm to cool.  Just about the time you think you know where the block starts and stops, it tricks your eye.

See what I mean?  I'm not sure if its the design or how the Gem Stone Brights' color gradates within the block or a combination of the two but it definitely tricks the eye - a lot!

Check Mate (below) is another fun and easy quilt to make by simply sewing strip sets for each of the blocks.  But its the Gem Stones gradation that makes each block unique with the color variations.

I love the faux scallop border adding a little bit of softness to a mostly static design; a perfect combination!

Check this next one out!   Double Nine Patch (below) made from a SINGLE Gem Stone print!  Isn't that crazy, but oh so true!

Each of those individual, unique colors are found in ONE Gem Stone print - pretty amazing, right?

I'm going to pause right here and pick it back up in another blog post to share the rest of the designs we REFRESHED in Gem Stones and Gem Stones Bright!

ALL the quilts shown above plus so many more (19 total) are found in my Quilts in Bloom book available right here as a spiral bound printed copy; or here, as a pdf book!

Curious what the "original" designs looked like in my traditional florals?  Check them out here BUT be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page.  See if you can recognize the above designs in their "original" classic florals!

Well, are you still a traditional classic floral quilter or are you swayed by a wee bit of color with Gem Stones and Gem Stones Brights?  Let me know in the comments below!

Whatever your style preference, happy quilting!









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  • I. LOVE. FLOWERPATCH!❤️. I like simple. I Love color!
    I LOVE flowers! Then to take it over the top with the wool flowers!! Geri, you never cease to amaze or inspire me!!❤️❤️

    Theresa on

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