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I knew I could count on you guys to provide some pretty "spot on" names for my (5) Triangle-in-a-Square FREE patterns (you can download here).

If you're new to the blog and are curious what that opening sentence is all about, check out the blog post here.

And if you're curious to see what names were submitted by quilt design, head over to the blog post here for a quick summary.

OK, enough back tracking . . . let's get to the winning names!

Design #1 Winning Name . . . . . . "Chinese Checkers"
submitted by Stephanie Albrecht
Design #2 Winning Name . . . . . . . was a TIE between
"Diamonds on Parade" submitted by Jean Morgan
"Diamond Chains" submitted by Brenda
I chose "Diamond Chains" by Brenda as the FINAL winning name and you'll understand why as we continue on with the rest of the designs.
Design #3 Winning Name . . . . . . . "Rainbow Lattice"
submitted by Jean Morgan
Design #4 Winning Name . . . . . .  "Zany Zig Zag"
submitted by Jean Morgan
Design #5 Winning Name . . . . . . "Fun Fiesta"
submitted by Jean Morgan
Jean Morgan was on a roll winning 3 out of the 5 names!  Thank you so much for everyone who participated and helped me out providing some incredible names.  I'm so glad I asked you guys to vote as well because I did not want to choose - they were all so good!  Thank you, thank you!
Has anyone printed off any of the (5) designs and have plans to make one or two or more?  I'd love to hear which one(s) you've added to your "Quilts to Make" list!
Happy Triangle-in-a-Square (TIAS) Quilting!

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  • I plan to download all five patterns, but the one I Intend to start first is #3 Rainbow Lattice and next #1 Chinese Checkers. (That name is perfect!) Thank you for allowing me to name three of the patterns! It was so fun and I do love a challenge!

    Jean Morgan on
  • I have printed off all five for my granddaughter and I to work on. They are fun and bright ! Thanks for choosing one of my suggestions. It is an honour !

    Brenda Wilkinson on
  • I don’t name my quilts…because I don’t have enough imagination. But these names were spot on. Congratulations to all the winners and participants. I bet it was hard to choose from all the great ideas.

    Lise on

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