Gem Stones Brights and Baby Quilts?!!

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When I designed Gem Stones, it was for the sole purpose of creating quilts that my (3) adult sons would want and enjoy.  You can catch up on the details here!

And then Gem Stones hit the Marketplace and quilters have been enjoying and creating with it in ways I've never imagined.  Check out what I mean here!

In June 2020, we introduced Gem Stones Brights!  Sixteen bright, happy and fun saturated colors expanding the Gem Stones collection to (46)!

The fun continued and quilters and sewers gravitated toward it for their daughters in quilts and gorgeous clothing that you truly have to see to believe here!

Just when you think you've covered all the bases on the appeal the Gem Stones fabric would have, something unexpected always happens . . . . someone thinks outside the box and creates another "demographic" where Gem Stones would be enjoyed - BABIES!!!

Meet "Blocks for Baby!" by Peggy True.

EACH quilt block represents a SINGLE color in the Gem Stones Brights Collection. 

As with the original Gem Stones, some prints are tonal while others are multi colored changing color/tone from selvage to selvage.

Here's a nice close up to illustrate the color and tone changes within a print with that sprinkle of a "gem" tossed about:

If you look really close you can see the blocks are made from triangles!  Guess what?  My Triangle-in-a-Square tool works perfectly for this design!

 Let's turn it sideways and see how the quilt changes right before your eyes!

Peggy was so surprised how much the quilt changed from a landscape to a portrait orientation she put quilt sleeves on both the top and side of the quilt.

I'm still deciding which direction I like better - you can't go wrong either way.

Do you want to know who the lucky recipient of Blocks for Baby is?  Her soon-to-be-born new grandson due in September!  But in the meantime, his big brother Gent is having lots of fun and enjoyment playing peek-a-boo and cuddling in it.  I told Peggy she's gonna have to make another one just for the new baby!


Interested in making a "Blocks for Baby" quilt too?

Here's all the information you'll need:

Original Pattern NameUrban Cubes

Pattern DesignerToby Lischko of Gateway Quilts & Stuff, Inc.

Fabric Requirements:  

BackgroundRiley Blake Confetti Cotton Cloud3/4 yard

Blocks:  (16) Gem Stones Brights Prints - 1/3 yard EACH

Tool:  Triangle-in-a-Square Ruler by Planted Seed Designs


About the same time Peggy was creating "Blocks for Baby",  my friend Maddie was making her own baby quilts for her soon to be born baby girl due later this week - EEEK!!

Maddie first chose to sew 5" strips of the Gem Stones Brights collection together following the SAME steps as the Gem Stones Rolie Polie Strip Quilt tutorial found here.

Such a perfect backdrop to let the colors sparkle and shine!  Does everything look so good with an ocean backdrop?  Um - Yes!!

Maddie simply cut 5" strips x WOF (width of fabric) of all 16 Gem Stones Brights and sewed them together for a 42" x 68" baby size throw quilt.  

I'm guessing we'll be seeing that quilt on the beach again but with a new born baby girl laying on it real soon!  Hey Maddie - we want to see pictures!

Maddie didn't stop there, she wanted to see what a quilt using ALL the Gem Stones prints would look like and found the perfect pattern to use:

Stripes + Ladders Quilt Pattern by Broadcloth Studio here!

Since Maddie was/is in baby mode, she made the baby size quilt finishing at 40" square. Oh her baby girl is going to have lots of bright saturated colors to look at with these 2 quilts!

Great job Maddie!  Good luck on your delivery!  I hope your baby girl comes on time!

After seeing Maddie's Stripes + Ladders quilt done up in ALL the Gem Stones prints, I was curious how a Gem Stones Strip Quilt of ALL (46) prints would look.


We simply added a CUT 15-1/2" x 92-1/2" strip of Riley Blake Black to both sides of the strip set for a finished quilt of 70" x 92".  

Isn't that stunning?!!  I can already see it dressed on a twin bed with an assortment of Gem Stone pillowcases tossed about at the head of the bed.  

There's no pattern but between the Gem Stones Rolie Polie tutorial mentioned above + (1) Gem Stones Rolie Polie + (1) Gem Stones Brights Rolie Polie + 3 yards of Riley Blake Black for the side borders and binding you'll have a quick and easy rainbow twin size quilt in no time!

Hmmm . . . . I think I need to make one up for our guest bedroom but then again, I'll need to make two since we have side-by-side twin beds!  Should I?  Please weigh in - I "always" cave to peer pressure of this kind!

I need to wrap this up - it got way longer than what I originally set out to share but I hope you don't mind!

Have a happy, bright and fun quilting week!


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  • WOW. Beautiful quilts made from your gorgeous fabrics. Peggy True is a dear friend and I have been blessed to be able to longarm some of her creations. Your fabrics are a perfect pairing with her imagination. I love the colors and motion of your fabrics!

    Marilou Loudon on

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