Another PRE-CUT Friendly Design REFRESHED in Heartfelt

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As promised in last week's blog post here, I shared Midnight Garden I and II REFRESHED in Heartfelt (below)

and this week I'm happy to share with you 9 Patch Star (below) REFRESHED in Heartfelt too!

If you missed reading last week's blog post, I encourage you to head over there real quick and see what the discussion was all about.  Quick link right here!

Did you know the 9-Patch Star is 10" Stacker Friendly just like Midnight Garden I and II is?  Its a true and simple fact!

So now its your choice on which star studded design you'll consider with your Heartfelt 10" Stackers.

Will it be 9-Patch Star or Midnight Garden I or Midnight Garden II?  You cannot go wrong with any of them, in my opinion!  I love them all equally but differently.  How's that for not playing favorites!

 Here's the quick links to all the items mentioned above:

 9-Patch Stars quilt pattern (above) here!

Midnight Garden I and II quilt pattern (above) here!

Heartfelt 10" Stacker here!

Here's a couple more star studded designs REFRESHED in Heartfelt too to wet your appetite!

Star Spangled Quilt Pattern (above) here!  Want to know something?  Star Spangled is 5" Stacker Friendly for the border stars PLUS yardage for the other elements.

Heartfelt 5" Stacker here!

and Woven in Pinwheels Quilt Pattern (above) here!

Lots of options.  Lots of choices.  I hope I didn't make it too difficult of a decision!

Happy star patched, star woven and star spangled quilting!




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