Midnight Garden REFRESHED in Heartfelt

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When I initially designed Midnight Garden I (below)

and Midnight Garden II (below)

I knew it was a design that would look beautiful in subsequent collections and I think I called it correctly!

Check out Midnight Garden I REFRESHED in Heartfelt (below)

There's something about the shades of red, pink and taupe that softens the design just enough without losing the boldness of the design; don't you think?

And to make it even more appealing Midnight Garden I is PRE-CUT Friendly too!  Two Heartfelt 10" Stackers along with a bit of yardage for the taupe stars, background and binding and she's all yours!

The ADDED appeal of Midnight Garden I is a TWO Designs in ONE Pattern with Midnight Garden II (below).

That is correct, you get BOTH designs in ONE pattern and it too is (2) 10" Heartfelt Stacker Friendly!

The design is similar in block construction, the only difference is the type of star in each design.

The Midnight Garden I (on the left above) stars have elongated star points with an open star center while the Midnight Garden II (on the right) has the traditional 8-point star.  Other than that, the design construction is the same!

If you're confident making Half Square Triangles, Square-in-a-Square and Triangle-in-a-Square blocks, Midnight Garden I is for you!  If you're not a fan of the Triangle-in-a-Square block, then Midnight Garden II is more your speed!  

It really is that simple!  It all comes down to the type of star you're most comfortable making!  You cannot go wrong with either design - I think they're both beautiful in their own way!  And again, BOTH are 10" Stacker Friendly!

I don't know if I'm looking forward to cooler weather or the glimpse of Christmas slowly seeping into the retail stores BUT I never thought about Heartfelt as a Christmas collection!  Now that I've mentioned it, you cannot un-see it, right? 

The thought/idea came to me as I was photographing the quilts this past weekend and imaging where the quilts will be hung this Christmas season throughout our home.  I may be a month late, but Christmas in August, anyone?

I hope you enjoyed this little REFRESHING post of our Midnight Garden I and II designs and I'll be back soon with a couple more designs we REFRESHED in Heartfelt.

Here are the quick links to all the items discussed above:

Midnight Garden I and II Quilt Pattern here.

Heartfelt 10" Stacker here.

Heartfelt Fabric here.

Happy "Christmas in August" Quilting!


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