Answers to your MOD-ified Questions

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We piqued your curiosity in our last post and I wanted to circle back here with some answers to the emails I received. 

First and foremost: DON'T let the designs intimidate you! 

Each of the 4 designs are constructed using my 6 BASIC quilting elements of Half Square Triangle, Quick Angled Rectangle, Flying Geese, Snowball Block, Square-in-a-Square and a Triangle-in-a-Square. 

If you are confident in making each of these elements, you will have NO problem whatsoever making any one of the 4 designs:


Haven (above) dressed in blues and purple.   


Journey (above) in tickled pink and sea-foam green.


Unique (above) in raspberry reds and pinks.   

Can you begin to see some of the 6 BASIC elements in the above pictures?


AND with the exception of Haven, all three designs are assembled in columns; how neat is that?!   

Because we want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself a bit, we have reduced the Rustic Romance Book to $10.00!


Yep - 4 patterns for the price of 1!  Check it out for yourself here! and let us know what you think! 

Happy Quilting!!


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