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In last week's blog post, I promised to share a few more of Lisa Garber's (@thecurvyquilter) quilts created from the Gem Stones collection.  Boy, are you in for a real treat today!

Lisa tapped into her love of curves (hence her Instagram name @thecurvyquilter) and went to town on THREE very popular quilt designs from the 2 designing sisters of Sew Kind of Wonderful!

Introducing Chic Country!

Although Chic Country is FQ friendly, Lisa wanted and needed the entire color spectrum of the Gem Stones print to create the depth and dimension of her Gem Stones Chic Country.  I'm glad she did!  I'm not sure if the Gem Stone FQ would have given her the same results!

We're offering a Chic Country Fabrics Kit here if you want to make one for yourself but you will need to grab the Chic Country pattern here and Quick Curve Ruler here.

The sisters at Sew Kind of Wonderful also created a YouTube video showing you in detail how to use the Quick Curve Ruler to make the Chic Country quilt.  You can watch it here

When Lisa gets on a roll, she keeps rolling along and she rolled right into Metro Rings.

Metro Rings is a 2-1/2" strip friendly quilt lending itself to a Rolie Polie but Lisa wanted to create a Rainbow Metro Rings focusing on the warm and cool tones within the Gem Stones collection.

Want to make a Rainbow Metro Rings quilt too?  You can find the fabric kit here, the Metro Rings pattern here and Quick Curves Ruler here.  And if you need that little bit of assistance, check out Sew Kind of Wonderful's Metro Rings quilt tutorial here

Do you have a favorite so far or are you wanting to see one more?  Meet Chic Picnic!

IF.  IF you asked me to pick my favorite, I'd have to say Chic Picnic is my favorite of the three.  Why?  It uses "most" of the Gem Stones collection and EACH individual "petal" let's you see the tone gradation OR color gradation you'll find in the collection.

I encourage you to look at each individual "petal" to see the variety of colors and tones within EACH Gem Stones print.  Some Gem Stones prints are tonal in color while others are multi-colored.

Want a kit?  You can find the Chic Picnic kit here; the Chic Picnic pattern here and the Quick Curve Ruler here.

Wasn't that fun!?  I hope you enjoyed seeing the next round of Lisa Garber's Gem Stones creations!  We'll be wrapping up next week with Lisa's last round of beauties - you won't be disappointed!

Until next week, Happy "Curvy" Quilting!


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  • You are the best Gerri!! I loved creating each and everyone of these beauties! Your gemstones are really an artists dream palate!!

    Lisa Garber on

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