Pre-Cuts + YouTube = Spectacular Quilts!

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When I initially introduced Lisa Garber (@thecurvyquilter)  to you (here), I mentioned she is a self-taught YouTube Quilter so I thought it only appropriate to wrap up this 3 part series of Lisa’s creations with where she began – quilting with YouTube!

As with most of my conversations with Lisa, it’s an exchange of Instagram pictures or videos or a quick email exchange of thoughts and ideas and this first design was no different.

I woke up to a newsletter in my inbox from Missouri Star Quilt Company with Jenny’s “Geese in Motion” quilt and I thought it would look pretty amazing done in Gem Stones and Lisa agreed!

So I shipped Lisa the following and she went to town

(1) Gem Stone Rolie Polie

2 yards Gem Stones Platinum

3/4 yard Binding

and created a Gem Stones Geese in Motion!

I'm not quite sure how this next design came about but I'm sure it happened just like all the rest . . . I saw it or Lisa saw it, we "chatted" and what seems to be in a wink of an eye, Lisa whipped it up!

It's another Missouri Star Quilt Company YouTube video:  Disappearing Hourglass Crazy Eight.

The supply list requires a pack of 10" print squares and a pack of 10" background squares but Lisa tweaked hers just a bit by using a 10" x WOF strip of (30) Gem Stones prints to capture and play with the color and tone variance that occurs from selvage to selvage in each Gem Stone print along with the Gem Stones Platinum print for her background.  Lisa also eliminated the inner and outer border on her design.

This last design was another quick conversation and boy was I surprised when Lisa shared a photo of the finished quilt:

"Rainbow Snowballs"!  Lisa took it to a whole new/different level than what I was thinking/envisioning and boy I'm so glad she did!  It's fun and happy and just makes you smile, don't you think?  Who knew 6" finished snowballs could look so good!

Well, that's a wrap! 

I'd love to know, out of all the quilts Lisa created (here) and (here) and here in this post, which one(s) is/are your favorite(s) and why; I'd love to know!

Happy Quilting!



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  • Lisa, your quilt is so beautiful. I love quilts as they add such beauty to the bedroom and give it a sense of past times and family. You are so talented.

    Marty Habas on
  • Wow Gerri what a pleasant surprise!!! It is always a lot of fun creating and brainstorming with your fabric collections!! Thank you for featuring me and thank you everyone for your lovely compliments!!

    Lisa Garber on
  • I own one of Lisa’s quilts and I absolutely love it . Her talent from being self taught AMAZES me . I don’t think I can pick between these quilts as they each have their own quality. But if I HAD to pick I think it would be the snowball one . One talented lady and thank you for featuring her !

    Kathy McCombs on
  • My first choice is the Cathedral Windows quilt – such a classic
    My second choice is Chic Picnic – so bright and cheerful
    My third choice is Chic Country – so fresh and breezy
    Love your Gem Stones line. xxx

    Margaret Hahndiek on
  • Love the snowball quilt for its quilting pattern. Never seen that before . Makes the classic blocks modetn and exciting.

    Carol Morrow on

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