Do You Flutter or Whirly Bloom?

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Flutter (above) 
Whirly Bloom (above)
Both designs share several similarities in their construction:
  • Both designs use the Gem Stones Brights Collection allowing the gradated colors to dance around within each block!

  • Both designs use the Triangle-in-a-Square Ruler.  Can you see where the Triangle-in-a-Square block is in each design?
  • And both designs are available as KITS! 
  • You can get Flutter in either the light ground (Cloud) or dark ground (Riley Black) colorway:

Flutter (Light Colorway - Cloud) above

Flutter (Dark Colorway - Riley Black) above
  • And the same for Whirly Blooms; a light and dark colorway!
Whirly Blooms (Light Colorway - Cloud) above
Whirly Blooms (Dark Colorway - Riley Black) above
Do you Flutter or do you Whirly Bloom?  Want to know what I do?  At the moment, I'm both!  
I'm currently all a Flutter preparing for the Riley Blake Designs Virtual Quilt Market from November 18-20 as more ideas on what to show and share with you Whirly Bloom around in my head.  
Until then, I'm just going to pause my "flutter" for just a moment . . . . . .
and let the "whirling" ideas bloom into something fun to show and share with you!
Here's all the links if you're interested in either one of the kits!
Flutter (Cloud Colorway) Kit here!
Flutter (Riley Black Colorway) Kit here!
Whirly Blooms (Cloud Colorway) Kit here!
Whirly Blooms (Riley Black Colorway) Kit here!
Happy Quilting!

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  • Love them both. Just love both Gem Stone Lines.

    Fran Dill on

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