It All Started With a Pin Cushion!

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Have you ever met someone under the most unusual circumstances or events? 

That might be an odd question to ask but with social media, its not such an odd question after all.

An Instagram post is "who" introduced me to my next person I want to "Shine a Light" on - Lisa Garber (@thecurvyquilter)

Lisa had just posted her latest Cathedral Window pincushions created from my Majestic fabric collection and used the hashtags #plantedseeddesigns and #majesticfabrics which automatically popped them into my Instagram feed.

I was scrolling through my feed one evening and her post literally stopped me in my scroll.  Needless to say, I DM (direct message) her (with what I thought would be an outrageous question) and asked if she would be interested in doing a commissioned Cathedral Window quilt for me out of my Gem Stones collection.

I held my breath and waited (thinking it was a total long shot) but to my surprise, she said YES!!  I was floored but did NOT waste one second to send her everything she would need to create this beautiful masterpiece!

Lisa, being a self taught YouTube quilter, relied on Shabby Fabrics YouTube Video:  How to Make a Cathedral Window Patriotic Pillow and simply applied the same steps and processes to make the Gem Stones Cathedral Windows quilt.

Lisa wanted the flexibility of using the entire color spectrum of the Gem Stones prints, so the Gem Stones Rolie Polie was the perfect pre-cut for this design PLUS the Gem Stones Platinum print.

Needless to say, this was the beginning of what has become a fun, creative and lively quilting relationship!

It happened about the same time when the below picture was posted by @nettethequilter and I thought how fabulous this would look in Gem Stones when I received a DM from Lisa @thecurvyquilter saying how amazing the Scrappy Lone Star would look in Gem Stones.

 You can imagine what happened next!  Yep, I shipped her the Gem Stone Rolie Polie and Confetti Cotton Cloud and away Lisa went in creating her version of the Scrappy Long Star quilt using Jordan Fabrics YouTube video:  FREE PATTERN + One Jelly Roll = Lone Star Quilt!

Lisa sure has a way of making Gem Stones SHINE wouldn't you agree?! 

If you follow Lisa on Instagram @thecurvyquilter you'll see she didn't stop with the Cathedral Windows and Scrappy Lone Star.  Nope - she has created a plethora of Gem Stones beauties that I'll be sharing with you over the next 2 weeks.  It just would NOT do any of her creations justice to load them all up in one post - you need time to admire and digest the beauty of her work!  

Until next time - Happy Quilting!


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  • OUTSTANDING!!! Beautiful concept!! Maybe you could put together a kit, with fabric, pattern, etc. For the rest of us to do these wonderful quilts???? Thank you for sharing. The star would be marvelous with graduated colors making it explode with color outward😁😁

    Lynne Coffman on
  • Oh Lisa does phenomenal quilting on her projects ! I’ve known her for many years and it’s just so inspiring to see her sewing like this now ! Thank you for believing in her ! 💕

    Kathy McCombs on

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