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I mentioned at the close of last week's blog post that we have so much in store for you this year and I'm happy to let you know we'll be offering a LAY-A-WAY Plan on (6) of our COMING SOON Tranquility Quilt Kits!

Shown above is our Tranquility Majestic!  You know what makes this design so unique and special?  NO applique required!!  The (4) baskets are part of my Tranquility Basket Panel 2.

That's right!  You'll simply cut and trim EACH basket block to 16-1/2" square and sew them into your pieced rows and ta-dah - you're done!  Who doesn't like that?

Oh, we didn't stop there . . .  we ADDED Tranquility Baskets Panel 1 to these designs too:

Tranquility Dazzling (above) and

Tranquility Swirl (above) and

Tranquility Hopscotch (above) and

Tranquility Hope (above).

ONE Tranquility Basket Panel 1 (shown below) is all you need (PLUS each designs' fabric) to make EACH of these (4) quilts.  And yes, NO APPLIQUE required - its a beautifully digitally printed panel that you simply cut and trim EACH basket to 16-1/2" square!

You know the other wonderful feature of these baskets?  They are ALL interchangeable from design to design so if you're passionate about a particular basket over the others, you can put it in any of the featured designs and it will be perfectly fine because they are all cut and trimmed to 16-1/2" square (before sewing).

Now here's the fun part, I think.  These designs ALL qualify for our New LAY-A-WAY Plan!

The LAY-A-WAY Plan is very straight forward and full details can be found on EACH respective designs quilt kit but in a nutshell here are the top line points:

1.  The TOTAL quilt kit (MINUS shipping) is split up into FIVE equal payments.

2.  By placing a 1 in your shopping cart, you are paying for the first month's payment AND agreeing to the terms of our LAY-A-WAY Plan.

3.  On the 15th of EACH subsequent month (February, March, April and May) you will receive a PayPal invoice from us (Planted Seed Designs) for that month's LAY-A-WAY payment.

#4 is VERY IMPORTANT that you read and understand:

4.  IF the PayPal invoice is NOT paid within 24 hours, your order is automatically cancelled and Planted Seed Designs KEEPS all payments made to date.

5.  You will receive a FINAL PayPal invoice for shipping.  Once that is paid, your quilt kit(s) will be dropped in the mail to you.

This New LAY-A-WAY Plan is only being offered through the month of January so please don't hesitate to make your selection(s) and get yourself a GUARANTEED Tranquility designed quilt kit!  I can't wait to see what design(s) you choose!

On a separate note but equally fun and exciting, we ADDED more 5 yard cut fabrics to our SALE page.  These are absolutely PERFECT for quilt backs, borders, binding, bags and apparel! 

There are only (1) of EACH, so don't hesitate; they may not be there when you return!

For a quick show of hands, who LOVES this LAY-A-WAY option?  I'd love to know!


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  • Hi Annemarie!

    We ship international and the shipping cost will be based on the quilt kit(s) you purchase. We won’t know until we ship what the shipping cost will be. We charge you what we are charge by the shipping carrier – the postal service.

    I hope I answered your question. If not, please let me know. Thank you!

    Gerri Robinson
    Planted Seed Designs

    gerri robinson on
  • Good day, I will be interested but lives in South Africa, will it be possible and what will the costs be?

    Annemarie on

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