New MOD-ified Designs!

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Today, I have a treat for you - new MOD-ified quilts!! If you’re new around here (welcome, we're so happy you found us!) you may be wondering what a MOD-ified quilt is.

The Webster's dictionary states; to make partial or minor changes to something, typically to improve it or to make it less extreme.

I look at my MOD-ified designs as a way to breathe new life into a pattern by changing the floral fabrics to solids.

In the following designs, I used two very popular Riley Blake Designs Basics; Kisses by Doodlebug Designs and Blossom by The Tattooed Quilter! These basics are so bright and colorful they definitely breath a freshness and newness to the original design! 


Kisses is a great Basic and, as you can see above, it has repeating tiny X’s making up this print! This picture shows some of the metallic sparkle skews.

Blossom is a very tiny, ditzy floral with randomly tossed blossoms scattered from selvage to selvage available in a plethora of colors making this a fabric stash must have!

Check out our MOD-ified Blossom!  A true match made in heaven by matching up the Blossom quilt with the Blossom fabrics!  Isn’t it so sweet?!  You can click HERE for all the new fabric requirements to make a MOD-ified Blossom!

Meet Butterfly Kisses!  Another great pairing of the original Flutter quilt with the Kisses fabrics and since Flutter is a 2 designs in 1 pattern, we MOD-ified Hidden Shoofly in Kisses as well!

There you have it! Three new MOD-ified designs!

Click HERE for the new cutting instructions for a MOD-ified Flutter, HERE for Hidden Shoofly and HERE for Blossom.

Happy Sewing



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  • I would like to buy the Flutter pattern but cannot find it on your Website. I do not want the kit even though it is beautiful.

    Merrilie Brown on
  • I would love to make this but the button Here does not work. Can you pleasr send me the pattrrns for The Blossoms and the Shoofly. Thank you for showing a beautiful quilt!#

    Linda Hardacre on
  • I cannot get it to open to get the cutting instructions it won’t let me click on the here button can you send those to me the Blossom and the Shoofly

    Jonna on
  • I absolutely love your patterns! Can’t wait to try them! Keep up the good work.

    Kelley Kay on
  • I absolutely love your patterns! Can’t wait to try them! Keep up the good work.

    Kelley Kay on

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