Pineapple Sunset - Shining a Light!

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Pineapple Sunset . . . . . . . 

I typically don't open a blog post with a series of pictures but in this case, I personally feel a picture is worth more words than what I could string together to do this design any justice; "Pineapple Sunset"!

The only credit I can take for this design is designing the fabric, Gem Stones, for Riley Blake Designs.

The rest of the credit for this gorgeous "Pineapple Sunset" goes to this incredibly talented woman, Diane Merritt of Story of a Quilt (@storyofaquiltdesigns):

Diane was email introduced to me by a mutual quilting friend during a time I was desperately looking for and needing some help sewing quilts for Market.  Diane sewed her heart out and got me over the Market deadline finish line with speed and grace; a true lifesaver!

After the craziness of all things Market settled down and I was slowly getting back into my routine, Diane reached out to me and said "hey, I'm really liking your Gem Stone fabrics, may I "play" with them?  Absolutely!!!

We email chatted a bit when I asked her if she had ever made a Pineapple Quilt using the Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool and her email response was filled with numerous pineapple quilts she had made in the past but never using the Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool but she was definitely interested and wanted to give a try!

Diane literally Hit.It.Out.Of.The.Park!!

She let the (30) prints in the Gem Stones collection do all the work by playing with the gradation of color that runs from selvage to selvage within each print.

Click on the link here to see how some prints are more "tonal" in color while others are more "multi-colored" in nature all contributing to this beautiful masterpiece!

The supply list for "Pineapple Sunset" is pretty straight forward:

Pineapple Sunset:  70" x 70"          Block Size:  10" x 10" (finished)


Riley Blake Confetti Cotton Riley Black:  2 yards

(29) Gem Stone Fabrics:  1/3 yard EACH

Maraschino Cherry Print:  1/2 yard

Binding:  5/8 yard

Backing:  4-1/2 yards

Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool 

Diane simply followed the construction directions for a 10" block included in the Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool and went to town.  Hence, there is no actual pattern for this design.  

For those of you interested in creating your own Pineapple Sunset, we have a kit here for you!

Diane didn't stop there with her creativity in designing quilts using Gem Stones.  She definitely has caught the Gem Stones bug and is on a designing whirlwind. 

I'll be sharing those designs in the immediate future but for now, I want to leave you with one more Pineapple Sunset!



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  • I’m going to runout of black fabric.Can I order some more?Idon’t know how much I was Supposed to have in kit. The blocks are beautiful and fun to make.Rosie

    Rosie Langley on
  • Hi Theresa West!

    I’d LOVE to cut some Gem Stone fabrics for you, so you too can have a gorgeous Pineapple Sunset quilt!

    Gerri Robinson
    Planted Seed Designs

    gerri robinson on
  • Hey Tamera Auguo!

    We do have kits for Pineapple Sunset on our website! Simply click on the word SHOP in the top menu bar, click on KITS and there it is!

    I can’t wait to see you shopping with us!

    Gerri Robinson
    Planted Seed Designs

    gerri robinson on
  • This is stunningly beautiful!!

    EVR on
  • Absolutely love this! Would be very interested in a kit! Thank you!!

    Tamera Auguo on

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