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Not the most intriguing blog title to get excited about but I have lots of tidbits and nuggets of information to share and where else to share them than right here!

First up, Garden of Quilts.  The format and the way we experienced Garden of Quilts last year is changing to recognize and be mindful of our current state of affairs surrounding Covid-19. 

Those who were planning on attending this year's event should have received an email from Thanksgiving Point regarding their decision and what people can expect from this year's Garden of Quilts experience.

There will be no classes and no presentations/trunk shows but rather a wonderful opportunity to stroll the Garden of Quilts to ooh and ahh over all the beautiful and amazing quilts that will be displayed throughout the gardens!

Please visit their website here to learn about how they are handling/managing the stroll through the gardens on Friday, September 18 and Saturday, September 19 and to purchase tickets!

A stroll through the Garden of Quilts wouldn't be the same without quilts!!  If you've thought about showing a quilt at the Garden of Quilts show, I HIGHLY encourage you to do so!

The application process along with answers to the most asked questions can be found here.  

If you apply and are accepted, I would LOVE to know! How exciting would it be to see your quilt(s) displayed among the beauty seen in the all the pictures above!

Tranquility Basket Panels

Did you know you can pick and choose what basket you'd like in the center of your quilt? 

That's right!  Since ALL 4 baskets on the panel can be cut and trimmed to 16-1/2" square, you can make the design your own by choosing a basket that appeals to you!

Tranquility Hope Quilt (below)

 Tranquility Swirl Quilt (below)

 Tranquility Hopscotch Quilt (below):

With the Tranquility Basket Panel 2, we used the same prints for each of the baskets so they would coordinate nicely in the Tranquility Majestic Quilt below.

AND please do NOT forget to get the NEW Materials Lists and Cutting Directions off our website under RE-IMAGINED QUILTS here

If you purchased a kit from us, they are included with your kit!

Did you see this?!

If you follow Riley Blake Designs blog, you would have seen some pretty gorgeous dresses being made from the Gem Stones Bright collection over the past 3-4 weeks from some pretty amazing bloggers.

Check out what Kari from That's-Sew-Kari created from the Gem Stones Bright Pretty Flamingo print for her youngest daughter!

That's right - a SINGLE print created this gradated beauty!  Check out the back too!

Totally swoon worthy!

Oh, but wait!  Kari didn't stop there.  She has an older daughter who just graduated from the 5th grade and Kari surprised her with her very own Gem Stones Bright dress done up in Blizzard Blue!

 There's nothing "chilling" about this dress - its right on point!

Head on over to Kari's blog for all the details here and here!

Check out how Gail from Boo and Lu Designs interpreted the Pretty Flamingo print for a gorgeous dress for her little one.

I don't know Gail or her daughter but from the picture above, I think her daughter is pretty smitten with the dress her mamma made her! 

And look at her strike a pose!  She's really working it and she should!  She's absolutely darling!

Check out all of Gail's details from her blog here!

Boy oh boy, I sure wished I had paid better attention when my mother was trying to teach me how to sew.  I just wasn't interested or remotely excited.  Boy do I regret that now!

Loving those Gem Stones Brights?  They're on their way to our warehouse arriving NEXT WEEK!!

Before I wrap this post up, there's one more thing I'd like to share with you . . . . the SECOND volume of the Gem Stones Look Book is here!  Enjoy!










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  • Thanks Lisa for your contributions in helping us pull together a pretty inspirational Look Book for Gem Stones. The Look Book would NOT have been the same without your gorgeous quilts. Thank you again!

    Gerri Robinson

    gerri robinson on
  • Wow Gerri!! These dresses are just gorgeous! Both Kari and Gail really made some beauties! I need to get into dress making for my little one lol.
    Ps. I think I’m gonna need a copy of the look book hahaha!!! That was a complete suprise! So honored!

    Lisa Garber on

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