Baskets and Blooms vs. Blooming Baskets and So Much More!

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For those of you who have been following me over the years may already know this little tidbit about Blooming Baskets.

Blooming Baskets is NOT the first design I created using the applique baskets!  

Introducing Baskets and Blooms (below):

Little did I know, with the introduction of this design, I would create a flurry of interest that I did NOT anticipate.

When I introduced Baskets and Blooms, I introduced it the way I would like/want to do applique; pre-fused, laser cut applique pieces that all you had to do was peel, press and stitch!!  Who would want to do applique any other way?!

Boy, how naive was I?  I did not realize there would be interest in having the actual "shapes" for the flexibility to do the applique the way "you" wanted to do it!

That idea (of actual traceable shapes) sat with me for several years but never really went away because Baskets and Blooms continued to be my #1 pin on Pinterest plus the numerous emails I received from fellow quilters asking me to release the pattern again but with "traceable" shapes to do it your way!

Well, with most "planted" ideas, they eventually bloom into something new!  Introducing Blooming Baskets (below)!

Blooming Baskets is a 9 design book (2 quilts and 7 applique blocks) PLUS all the full size traceable shapes in a pull out section in the center of the book.

I thought I covered all the bases with this one and thought we would be "good to go".

Right?  Not quite . . . . . . 

Quilters LOVED the flexibility of doing the applique the way they liked but asked if I would consider actual plastic shapes to trace around.

Hmmmmmm . . . . what a novel idea!  Well, I approached Riley Blake Designs to see if they would partner with me in creating these plastic traceable shapes and they said, "sure"! 

BUT due to costs, we did NOT include the actual baskets in our traceable shapes. 

Don't worry though because we have some incredible NEW designs coming in the very near future (sneak peeks coming around October) using the (20) shapes in something completely new and I personally feel very exciting designs!!  Yep, that's plural - DESIGNS!  Completely different than what we created in the above 2 designs.

So, if you want the convenience of plastic traceable shapes, we now have them in stock for your applique ease and convenience right here!

Well, we didn't stop there!  I just love those baskets and I wanted to share them yet in another way - PANELS!

Tranquility Basket Panel #1 (below):

 and Tranquility Basket Panel 2 (below):

Both Tranquility Basket Panels arrived last week and they have been incredibly popular!  

I'm not sure if quilters are using them in the Blooming Baskets quilt or in any of these designs:

 Tranquility Hope (below):

 Tranquility Dazzling (below):

Tranquility Hopscotch (below):

 Tranquility Swirl (below):

 Tranquility Majestic (below):

If you or someone you know purchased one or both of these Tranquility Basket  Panels, I would LOVE to know what you have planned!

On that note of "sharing", I received a link to a pretty incredible Blooming Baskets quilt done by the uber talented Joyce Hite.  

Hang on to your coffee because these pictures (from Patricia Hechler, her long arm quilter at will take your breath away (or possibly spill your coffee); you've been warned!

Any coffee spills?  I warned you . . . . absolutely GORGEOUS isn't it!! 

What a GREAT collaboration between a quilter, Joyce Hite and her long armer, Patricia Hechler!  GREAT job ladies! 

Well, now you know the full story behind those Blooming Baskets and the evolution of why/what we did to get to where we are today.  I can't wait to show you what the future holds for those traceable plastic shapes -  you will not be disappointed!

Until next time, may whatever you're working on bloom into something pretty spectacular!



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  • I can;t find the Tranquility Baskets panel on your site. Can you advise where I can purchase? Thanks

    Sharon on
  • Thanks Kat!

    Gloria, I think you should; I’m just sayin! I would hate for you to have any regrets!

    Gerri Robinson

    gerri robinson on
  • Absolute one of my favorite quilts…I love the various design options, the color schemes shown & log arming is gorgeously done. Hmmmm…should I bite???

    Gloria Young on
  • Breath taking!

    Kat on

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