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Riley Blake Designs started a ONE BLOCK challenge on Monday and asked all their designers to join in and invite our quilty friends to join along!

I'm "officially" extending the invitation to you to join in on the fun and meet me here every week to see how I interpreted the current week's challenge.

You can find all the information about the weekly challenge on Riley Blake Designs Instagram under the Block Challenge story highlight.

Before I share my block, I want to give a quick back story on the direction I took and why.

It started with this picture from Artist Lorena UriARTe (@lorena_in_syd) an award winning quilter and teacher from Sydney, Australia.  (photo credit:  @lorena_in_syd)

I was initially struck by its beauty but upon closer observation, I recognized that it was made with GEM STONES!!!  A SINGLE PRINT of Gem Stones!

Little did Lorena know she "planted a seed" that at some point in time, I would challenge myself to create a quilt using just A SINGLE PRINT from my Gem Stones collection!

So when Riley Blake Designs announced their Block Challenge, I decided to up the ante for myself.  Here was my personal challenge criteria:

1.  One Block Type

2.  One Yard of Fabric

3.  One Gem Stone Print

Do you think I succeeded?  What do you think?

I surprised myself and started this with NO plan other than a black and white sketch drawing for the layout.  

I'm calling this design "Then and Now".  Can you see the symbolism it represents in today's state of affairs? 

I checked all the boxes on my criteria . . . .

ONE block type- Churn Dash (check). 

ONE yard of fabric (check). 

ONE Gem Stones print (check)

for a 24" x 24" mini quilt, cushion, or pillow.

There is NO pattern.  Just the above "criteria" and (1) 12" finished and (8) 6" finished Churn Dash blocks laid out accordingly.

My fellow Riley Blake Designer, Amy Smart, has a GREAT tutorial on her blog on how to make those exact sizes here.  Hop on over and check it out and while you're there, let her know I sent you and say Hi!  Hi Amy!

You want to know what else?  This particular Gem Stone print - STONE BLUE looks pretty incredible with my new COMING SOON collection, Tranquility!!

 I'm not sure what made me the happiest . . . .

1.  That I succeeded in my own block/quilt challenge or

2.  That Tranquility looks pretty awesome with Gem Stones!

Speaking of Tranquility! It appears to still be on schedule - arriving May 2020!  Check out everything we have planned for this "tranquil" collection here

So who's up for a weekly block challenge?  I hope you are!  Here's a quick clue for next week's block:

Its not a house but a ___ _____!  Any guesses?  

Until next week, I'll be "building" my next block!



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  • Hi Sally!

    I am so happy you found us – welcome!

    Unfortunately, Cottage Whites is a really old collection going back 5+ years is why you are having difficulty locating any of the prints. I wish I had better news to share.

    Have you checked out my current collection Serenity? Are there prints in that collection that will work for your project? You can check them out by clicking on Shop, New or Fabric in the drop down menu.

    All my best,

    Gerri Robinson
    Planted Seed Designs

    gerri robinson on
  • Hi Gerri,
    I have just learned of you when I fell in love with “Cottage Whites”. I have the pattern and 13 of the 16 fabrics. I have searched everywhere I can. Could give me any idea where I could get the 3 I need or suggest other fabrics? 26414-GRY1,26414-TAN1, and 26415-DKGRY1(FQ plus 7/8 yd. Many thanks and will be watching your posts!

    Sally Bentz on
  • Hi Gerri,
    Clever block and I liked your criteria for creating it.
    I was wondering is you could darken your text on your blog as the light gray is very difficult to read; AND I would not want to miss your great blog.

    Debbie on
  • Love the colors in this! It is making me itch to dive into my stash!

    Rebecca on
  • I guess barn!!

    Hardycreek on

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