Log Cabin Table Dressing and Other Patchwork Thoughts

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When I wrapped up last week's blog post, I mentioned I was going to be "building" my next block to share with you this week and I gave you a pretty lame clue:

It's not a house but a _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _!

LOG CABIN!!  Yep, I built not one but FIVE log cabin blocks and turned them into a quick table/bed runner that I'll use to dress this Sunday's celebration table!

The Log Cabin block is the second block in the Riley Blake Designs Block Challenge #rbdblockchallenge that you can participate in too!  

You can find all the information about the weekly challenge on Riley Blake Designs' Instagram under the Block Challenge story highlight!

If you missed last week's block and are curious what I created, check out the blog post here.

Several people emailed me wondering how many blocks were in the weekly challenge and I'm happy to say 10; all wrapping up on Monday, June 1st!

As I was sewing my Log Cabin blocks, I was wondering what else could I sew super quick that would be fun to share with you and look what I whipped up very quickly this (Wednesday) morning!

I'm calling it my "no strip sewing" rail fence quilt!  How simple and quick is that?!

It's sew simple EVERYONE can do it but you'll need a nice "ribbon" stripe like the one I used from my COMING SOON Tranquility Stripe print PLUS a gorgeous floral border here.

Do you like it?  Pretty clever?  If you can't wait until May, 2020 when Tranquility is scheduled to arrive and want to make one right now - check out the Taupe Serenity Rose Stripe Print here PLUS the Taupe Serenity Main Print here for a gorgeous "No Strip Sewing" Rail Fence quilt!  

If you make a Serenity No Strip Sewing Rail Fence quilt, I'd LOVE to see pictures!!  I can only imagine how beautiful it would be!

There's no pattern!  Grab enough stripe yardage to cut (36) 6-1/2" squares and floral yardage to cut and piece (4) 5" x width of fabric border strips plus binding and backing and that's it!

Interested in knowing what next's week block is?  It's what I hope each and every one of you have with a special someone!  Any guesses?

Until then, happy quilting!




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