Welcome PSD2 to the Family!

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If you have been following along on social media then you have already seen the latest addition to the Planted Seed family... PSD2!

What is PSD2?

Pure & Simple Designs for the Next Generation

Why PSD2?

My husband Eric and I have three wonderful adult sons: Andrew, Josh, and Michael. They love quilts but they did not love my quilts of florals, pinwheels, and stars. They craved quilts that looked and acted more like them; simple, graphic, less complicated.

PSD2 is Mom designed, but Son approved! To all you quilter's out there with adult sons, children or even spouses who have a more minimalistic taste, this brand is made for YOU!

Just as each of my sons are unique, each pattern I designed has 3 distinct looks to match each son's style. For example, take a look at Links...

The same pattern made unique for each son. The Links Pattern has instructions for all of them so you are getting 3 designs in 1 Pattern!!

You can explore all of the new PSD2 patterns HERE!

Along with the launch of this new brand we have a BRAND NEW fabric collection! Meet Gem Stones!

Gem Stones has 30 different skews that range from Neutral to Tonal to Multi. Some of the prints fade from one color to another and all display vibrant, bold colors and beautiful depth. Gem Stones can stand alone or be blended with other fabrics and collections.

The best part? ALL of Gem Stones plays nicely together! You can keep the colors in their respective families or you can brings them all together to make a colorful, beautiful quilt!

Interested? Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest to see more of PSD2!

You can shop the new Gem Stones Fabric HERE and the new PSD2 Patterns HERE.

Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned for more PSD2 products and stories on the blog!

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