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You know those days when your mind is on fire with new ideas and you are creating  as fast as you can but you just can't keep up with the flood of ideas in your head? Those days when you can find inspiration in every little thing that happens in your day. Arn't those days the BEST?! Unfortunately, if you're anything like me, those days can feel few and far between. Most of the time, to get my wheels really turning, I have to actively seek out inspiration. The good news is that I have some tried and true tips to share with you to help make sure you are staying creative and inspired every day!


Is there really any better place to spark your next idea? I LOVE Pinterest as a resource for finding new projects, beautiful images, and new things to try. From recipes, to home decor, to new patterns; Pinterest is my first stop when I am seeking creative inspiration. 

If you don't have a Pinterest Account I highly recommend setting up an account today! Below are a few of my favorite boards from us here at Planted Seed Designs and others!

Quilting/Sewing/Fabric Themed Boards:

# Quilt Sew Bloggers # by Diary of a Quilter

'Color Inspiration' by Riley Blake Designs

'Patterns' by Planted Seed Designs 

Recipe and Food Boards:

'Things For Your Slow Cooker' by The Kitchn

'Budget Friendly Meal Prep' by Budget Bytes

'Pastries' by The Stay at Home Chef

Home Decor & Styling:

'Organization' by Magnolia

'Kitchens' by Studio McGee

'Home Office Design & Decor' by Sweet Home Living

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I know everyone already has way too many things in your inbox but if I'm being honest, my email is where I find lots of inspiration! I take the time to subscribe only to brands and companies that deliver the goods to my email and I spend about 5-10 minutes a day looking through what they send me. Whether it's a tip to help my business, a new blog post I might enjoy, or simply beautiful design work I tend to leave from my time with my inbox feeling refreshed. Take some time to think about brands you love and check to see if they have a newsletter! As a bonus- lots of companies will even send you a coupon for subscribing, Win-Win!!

P.S- Of course we at Planted Seed Designs would love nothing more than to have you on our list! Click HERE, scroll to the bottom of our homepage and subscribe:)


Sometimes when I am writing a new pattern or in the middle of a sewing project and am feeling uninspired I find it is sometimes best to step away. Take some time apart from the task at hand to enjoy your other hobbies! If you enjoy exercise, squeeze in a walk or a workout. If you love to cook, try a new recipe. If you're feeling cooped up, take yourself out for lunch. One of my favorite thing to do to clear my head is put on some music and take my pup Riley for a walk! I find after I take a break I am able to come back to the project at hand with renewed enthusiasm!


I don't know about you but I am a visual learner. I love to see concepts and ideas demonstrated and the same goes for finding inspiration- photos, photos, photos!! If this sounds like you, jump over to Instagram to find thousands of accounts that are dedicated to posting about things you are interested in! You can use the search function to type in hashtags to discover new accounts. For example, #quilting or #quiltpatterns if you are looking for sewing Inspo! Another very visual source of inspiration for me are Lookbooks. I always get excited when a company or brand I love releases a new one. Lookbooks are a great way to see a product in action! Click HERE to see the latest lookbook from Planted Seed Designs.


I hope this post will help you discover new ways to get inspired if you ever find yourself in a creative rut!

- Gerri


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  • Well I did not inherit the crafty gene by any means do even though I see lots of inspiring ideas, I’m not able to actually create them lol. I am trying to teach myself how to quilt though and actually enjoy it so far.

    Carla on
  • Exactly! Very nice post!

    Sandi on

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