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Have you ever made a Friendship Star without doing it the traditional way like Bev of Flamingo Toes does here?

Would you believe me if I told you I don't recall ever making mine the "traditional" way as reflected in the photo below:

Although you can see the Friendship Star dancing across the rainbow, you can also see that it was created by the flying geese and quick angled rectangles that surround it creating the Friendship Star inside!

We naturally had to call this design, Hidden Friendship Stars!  Pattern available here and pdf available here.

But wait!  This isn't the only way I've created the Friendship Star.  Did you know you can make the Friendship Star with (8) Quick Angled Rectangles too?

That's right!  Only quick angled rectangles were used to create A Star Within found in my Casual Classic Quilts Book on page 11 AND on the book's FRONT COVER! 

Want to try making a Friendship Star the "non-traditional" way like A Star Within?  You can purchase the Casual Classic Quilts book here.

So when week three of the RBD Block Challenge arrived with the Friendship Star, I had EVERY intention of making it the "traditional" way like Bev of Flamingo Toes did but guess what? 

I found myself a bit bored and I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could make it yet another way and still be able to identify the Friendship Star.

Here it is . . . . 

Well - thoughts?  Can you identify some of the elements used to create the Friendship Star?

Snowball block?  Quick Angled Rectangle?  Partial (very partial) Square-in-a-Square?  Do you see them?  

The block is 14" square finished (when finished) and only ONE Gem Stone print too - Blue Spearmint!  That's right!  You get all those colors and tones in ONE selvage to selvage cut of Blue Spearmint here!

So how's that for a Friendship Star block challenge?

I have FUTURE plans to make more blocks and possibly turn them into a quilt but nothing definite at this time; there's always that next deadline I'm chasing!

Until next week - happy quilting!





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  • Thanks Tricia and Lise!

    As much as I need to move on to my next project I keep getting pulled back to making more of “my” Friendship Star blocks to see if the multi-block layout would look as well as it does on my graph paper. Time will tell . . . .

    Gerri Robinson

    Gerri Robinson on
  • Love the Gemstone version…the snowball block does it for me!

    Tricia Seppell on
  • I absolutely love how you think outside the box. These are beautiful examples of what happens when one does.

    Lise on

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