Are you Team Blue or Team Red?

Posted by Gerri Robinson on

We're picking teams today but only for fun and because I'm mostly curious.

Do you prefer red and white quilts or blue and white quilts.  We already know 2-color quilts are wildly popular but there seems to be an unknown of which 2 colors are the MOST popular!

If I showed you several pictures of each would that help in your decision process or have you already picked your team?

Let's Go!  Here's one for Team Red!

And one for Team Blue!

Another one for Team Red!

and one more for Team Blue!

Oh boy, I think we have a tie!!  Let's see if we can break the tie by doubling up the Red quilts so you don't have to flip back and forth!

Team Red . . . .

Team Blue . . . . .

WOW!  Still no clear winner!

We might need a Tie-Breaker and introduce our third 2-color combo of Black and White!  Here's the first one . . . .

 and the second one . . . .

 Still on the fence (NO pun intended)?  

No worries!  You can find ALL the above quilts PLUS their companion table runners in my NEW book, Galaxy of Stars II - 2 Color Quilts available here!

Table Runners?  Did I mention table runners too?  Yep - you read that correctly.  Here they are in their starry starry line up!




I've got so much more to share regarding Galaxy of Stars II - 2 Color Quilts book but I wanted to check in first and see what your favorite 2-Color combo is.  Do you know?  Or did I make the decision process a little harder?

Let me know in the comments below if you are Team Red, Team Blue or Team Black!

Happy 2-Color Quilting!


Here are the quick links to all things Galaxy of Stars II - 2 Color Quilts:

Galaxy of Stars II - 2 Color Quilts Book here!

All quilts made from my new Floret Fabric Collection here!



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  • I am team BLUE all the way. It is my favorite color. I love your designs I have your Bloom Quilt book and a fat quarter of the buttercup blooms. I have not had a chance to start one yet but soon. I am ordering your book II today. Love the stars ! Thank you for your sweet designs. Also love your new pink, ruby fabric it is beautiful 💕

    Cox Donna on
  • I am team blue but also love red and white quilts. Your designs are beautiful and can’t wait to receive your books. I’m going to order both!

    Janice Gripp on
  • Usually the quilts that I like best in magazines are the ones designed by you. I have more pages torn out of magazines of your designs than anyone else. I just love them. You have great taste.

    Jane K on
  • I am definitely team red all the way.

    Kay McCaffery on
  • They are all beautiful! I will go with blue but would love to see a red , white and blue!

    Judy on

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