Are You Up For a Really Fun TWO-PART Challenge?

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If you are reading this you are either:

1.  Interested and Intrigued or 

2.  Mostly Curious

I'll take either reason AND if you are mostly curious, hopefully I can convince you to be interested and intrigued and join along!

Part ONE Challenge

Riley Blake Designs (RBD) has kicked off its SECOND Block Challenge featuring a 10" quilt block from (16) of their fabric designers and yep, I have a block in this too!

EACH Tuesday (starting February 2 and ending June 22nd), RBD will post on their blog the RBD Challenge Block with fully illustrated color directions for you to download for FREE!

Since I'm a little late in sharing this with you, here's the information for Week 1 and Week 2 for you to read and enjoy!


Week 1: Pinwheel Star Block by Amanda Niederhauser (here)


Week 2:  Shining Star Block by Beverly McCullough (here).

NEXT Tuesday, February 16, simply head over to and click on BLOG in the top menu bar and look for RBD Block Challenge - Week 3. 

Reminder:  NEW RBD Challenge Blocks are POSTED every Tuesday by 11 AM MT on Riley Blake Designs website!

Now that you've seen a couple versions for Blocks 1 and 2 (above), let me show you what I chose to use for my RBD Challenge Blocks . . . . . . Gem Stones Brights!

My Pinwheel Star Block (above) is sporting the light tones from Banana Mania for the background, the light tone of Orange Glow for the center pinwheel and the dark and light tones of Spring Green for the star points and diagonal blocks.

My Shining Star Block (abve) used ONE Gem Stone print - Pretty Flamingo!  That's right!  Just ONE print for all that yumminess!

For the record (and this really is a true statement), I was NOT intentional in choosing this fabric because the block was designed by Bev McCullough of @flamingotoes.  In fact, it did not occur to me until I was stitching my last row when I had that ahh hah moment.  One might say it was meant to be!

SOOO are you interested and intrigued enough to join us?  Boy, I sure hope so!  Need a bit more visual encouragement?  Head over to Instagram and search the hashtag  #rbdblockchallenge and see how others are interpreting each of the block designs!

Curious how much fabric you'll need for (16) blocks - really not that much but here's a break out, by block for you to reference (here)!  

I bet a Delightful 10" Stacker would get you through all (16) blocks (PLUS background) with left over fabric too!

OK, that's Part 1 of the Challenge.  Ready to hear about Part 2? 

Another "for the record" statement, this is my challenge to you (and not a RBD challenge) and I think once you hear it you'll be all about it too!

Part 2 Challenge

After we've fully completed our RBD Challenge Quilt (sewn, quilted and bound), let's submit ALL of them to the Garden of Quilts 2021 event for entry consideration!!!!

Oh.My.Goodness!!  Wouldn't that be pretty amazing and spectacular to see all the RBD Block Challenge quilts in this beautiful setting!!!

I can already see them lined up on either side of this stream . . . 

 Or on the other side of this bridge . . . . . 

 or frolicking around the ferris wheel!  Oh what fun!

I can't wait for the Garden of Quilts Exhibit in September!

Oh, one more thing I failed to mention.  This year's RBD Block Challenge DOES include a finishing layout so no worries in wondering what to do with your (16) blocks after you have sewn them. They are revealing the final layout at the end!

BUT you can do your own thing too!  This quilt can be what YOU want it to be. 

Maybe there's a block or two that you really like and you want that to be your entire quilt - perfect!  I can't wait to see it! 

Or you want to design your own layout - high five to that.  That's what I'm planning on doing.  

The WHOLE premise behind the RBD Block Challenge is to "create alongside the rest of the quilting community, sharing progress, admiring fabric choices and even possibly making new quilting friends along the way!"

Whose going to join me?  I'd love to know!  Please drop me a note in the comments section and I'll be sure to stay up to date on your progress too!

I'll be posting and sharing my weekly RBD Block Challenge here each week too.

Happy RBD Block Challenge Sewing!




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  • There haven’t been any updates to the blocks since April 15th butterfly block. Will there be more posted?

    Karen Reker on
  • I am unable to find the instructions for Block #4 for the RBD Challenge. Can someone help me on where to find this?

    Karen Reker on
  • I’m in. Need instructions for block 3. Thanks

    Doreen Martyniuk on
  • I’m in

    Kay Myers on
  • Would love to join this challenge

    Nancy on

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