Gracious Grove Sew Along with my friend, Jill Finley of Jillily Studio

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I'd like to introduce you to my dear friend, Jill Finley of Jillily Studio!
I'm sure most (if not all) of you already know Jill
since she's been in the quilting world for quite a while.
Jill is known for her clean, current and fresh designs
that almost (but not always) include applique.
Jill just introduced her new collection, Grove, for Riley Blake Designs.
Check out those clean, current and fresh colors!  
Aren't they just yummy!!!
In celebration of Jill's new collection, Grove, she's hosting a Sew Along
for this GORGEOUS design, Gracious Grove (below)!
 As you can see, Gracious Grove, is a mix of
(5) pieced blocks and (4) applique blocks. 
Block 1 (above)
Isn't it so pretty?!
Block 2 (above)
Reminds me of a Trip Around the World block!
Block 3 (above)
Oh this reminds me of the tulip fields that will be springing up shortly!
I LOVE a classic tulip inspired block don't you?!
Block 4 (above)
Reminds me of a "rippling" affect
just vibrating in such pretty citrusy colors!
Block 5 (above)
This reminds me of a Friendship Chain!  
Do you see what I see?
Can we pause just a moment and just smile over Jill's background fabric of grapefruit slices!!  It truly does put a smile on your face, doesn't it?
OK, we just saw the (5) pieced blocks, check out these
(4) applique blocks in TRUE Jillily style!
This is one of the two corner blocks (above).  I think its perfect!
Here's the other corner block (above)
Looks like a Black Eyed Susan don't you think?
and the middle block (above) just bursting with
fruity goodness!
and the center block (above) which reminds me of
Ring Around the Posie (tulips)!
I think I hear a couple of you wondering how, in the quilt,
the blocks look like they're set on point,
but in the blocks above, they're not! 
Hhhmmmm . . . 
Thanks to this pretty little scalloped stitched setting block (below)
and the side setting block (below)
gives the illusion of the blocks being set on point!
Can you see it now?
Love what you see but just a wee bit intimidated with the applique?
NO worries!  Jill is the applique queen!!!
Jill will share/show you all her tips and tricks
to overcome ALL your applique fears! 
Jill has a kit full of her go-to tools
to achieve that Jillily applique look (below)!
She'll walk you through each tool and how to use it
before you begin your first applique block!
Jill is so PASSIONATE about these tools,
she has branded them Jillily Studio!
Interested?  How, where, what, when?
Head over to Jill's blog HERE for ALL the answers
to the questions you may have!
Am I "sewing along"? 
Unfortunately not :(   I'm still head down chasing deadlines!
Remember this picture?
Yep, that's still me!
BUT, BUT, BUT (no pun intended ;)
I will be making a couple of the blocks and kind of doing my own thing
(that in my mind), looks pretty amazing! 
Don't worry, I'll let you know by sharing pics here
and on my Instagram @plantedseeddesigns
so you can see what I mean!
So head on over to Jill's website here and
check out the Gracious Grove Sew Along here
Don't worry!  It's not too late.  You still have time!
Gracious Grove Sew Along starts
February 17, 2021!
As Jill states on her blog,
"Let's leave winter behind as we stitch away
on this fresh, warm, spring-like project. 
By the time warm weather is here,
we will be done with Gracious Grove!"
Happy Gracious Grove Quilting!

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  • I just love the fabrics, the pattern, darling sashing design and really really live Jill’s machine appliqué method!! Heading to her site now. Thank you Gerri for the heads up on this sew along.❤️

    Ronna Hammel on
  • Oh Gerri! You are just too nice to me! You are the best. And a very good blog writer, I might add. Thank you so much for mentioning me and my Sew Along here. It means a lot to me that you would take the time to promote my brand. Sew Sweet!
    Keep on bloggin’, girl!

    Jill Finley on

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