Missing Spring Market? Not this Year!!!

Posted by Gerri Robinson on

As you may have heard, the traditional way we do Spring Market was cancelled but nothing stops quilters and designers from getting creative to bring you our newest and latest designs and creations!

We all know its all about the fabric, right?  You can't make a quilt or sew a garment or bag without starting with fabric so without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to Delightful!

Delightful is a 24 piece collection of deep navy, robin egg blue, shades of mustard yellows and steely grays in an array of florals, ditsy prints and a yummy tapestry!  True Planted Seed Designs style!

First up, the Main Print!

and another peek at that robin egg blue colorway!

For all you Texans - this is your Yellow Rose of Texas print!

We compliment the main print with several secondary prints that do just that - compliment with swirls and curls and smaller floral clusters . . . .

and hearts and more flowers!

Are your creative juices flowing and you're finding yourself at a crossroads of where to begin?

Are you envisioning some "fussy cutting" in your near future of floral bouquets and hearts?

But wait - there's more!

Twinkle, twinkle little stars oh how Delightful you really are!  

Main print, companion prints, ditsy prints and tonal prints too!

I had to share TWO pics of the tapestry prints so you could really see the depth and detail of an antique tapestry print that is printed as a 100% quilter's cotton with a quilter's cotton weight!  There's nothing weighing down this print except its utter beauty!

But WAIT!!!  I have one more print I can't wait to show you . . . . . a quilt isn't complete without a back, right?!

We took the entire Delightful collection, dropped them into individual hexies, and tossed them about in this beautiful 108" wide backing in THREE colorways!

Multi - top and center.  Steely grays and shades of mustard yellows on the left and moody blues on the right!

Whew!  There you have it!  Delightful in its full glory!  Arriving December 2020!

Want to see how Delightful looks and plays in a quilt?  Enjoy this parade of quilts to delight your visual senses!

Grab your Rolie Polie and let's Swirl!

Hopscotch over and grab your 10" squares for this Delightful cutie!

Are Fat Quarters your jam?  Check out Celine - she's got it going on!

Did you know just a 1/4 yard of (24) prints is all it takes to make Audrey?  Oh, plus some background fabric too!

and just a little bit more - like 1/3 yard EACH of (24) prints gets you that much closer to making SophiaNo background fabric needed here since the prints are doing all the work!

Do you love our TWO Designs in ONE pattern?  Check out Shadow Stars

and Twinkling Stars!

and Flower Patch Blossoms!

We didn't re-fresh Blossom in Delightful but you get the idea, right!

Well ladies, I hope you enjoyed your Delightful tour and are excited as I am for its arrival this December, 2020! 

Until next time, have a Delightful week of quilting and sewing!


PS- If you want to join in on thee Virtual Quilt Market fun you can find the full schedule and links to the FB Page HERE!


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  • This fabric is just beautiful. I love it!

    Sherry Stevens on
  • Hi Geri, love this. And I can’t even decide which pattern I like the best. Great designs!

    Kathy Stock on
  • This collection is absolutely gorgeous—especially love the yellow. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Way to go Gerri!

    Jean T on
  • Hi Gerri. The collection looks great! And wow, so many projects and ideas, beautiful.

    Janet on
  • OMG, those colors are beautiful…soft and serene. Beautiful!

    Patti McConnell on

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