Block 8: Butterfly Block

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Timing is everything right?
The timing, with spring's arrival, could not be more appropriate than to have the Butterfly Block by Elea Lutz arrive this week for the RBD Block Challenge!
Butterflies will be gracing our gardens soon!  Oh I can't wait!

Butterflies are Elea's favorite little creatures - so cheerful and sweet!

I could NOT agree more!  

Butterflies were my mother-in-law's favorite little creature too!

Staying true to the Gem Stones Brights palette, my butterfly's wings use the lightest and darkest tones of Gem Stones Bright Lagoon Blue
The Butterfly Block is so easy and comes together so quickly
(check out the pattern instructions here)
I got a little carried away and created a Butterfly Block from
EACH of my Gem Stone Brights prints! 

As the blocks were piling up, I had to think of something to "make". 

Introducing Formation (below):


and Free to Fly (below)!


 Both are FREE with the purchase of a kit!

Butterfly Block designed by Elea Lutz

Quilt layout designed by me!

Perfect NON-collaborated collaboration!  Who knew!

 The butterfly Formation kit can be found here!

 and the butterfly Free to Fly kit can be found here!

Want to see how my blocks look all together, so far?

 I'm pretty pleased with where things are so far

and I look forward to making up the rest of the blocks!

 Next week will be our last block for April then its a one week break to catch up!  

My block is coming up in May! 

Any ideas on what my block design is? 

If you've been following me for any amount of time, your chances of guessing it right are pretty high!

Until next week, may you fly in formation (if that's your style)

or fly free (more my style)!

Either style, may you soar!



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