Block 12: 9-Patch Star Block

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It's my turn on the Riley Blake Designs Block Challenge #rbdblockchallenge and in an earlier blog post I asked if anyone had any guesses on what my block would consist of.  A couple of you guessed a star or a pinwheel.

For those of you who guessed star - you are correct!  Stars are truly my favorite block element for a quilt followed not too far behind by the pinwheel.

As some of you may know, I was absent here on my blog for the last (3) blocks due to Covid-19.  I plan on writing a blog post later this week on what all went down and how grateful I am to be here, this morning, writing this post!

2/21/2021:  Quick update to the above paragraph.  I didn't get it written.  Fingers crossed time will allow me to get it done next week.

Because of my absence, my dear quilting friend and Gem Stone extraordinaire  sewer for Planted Seed Designs, Lisa Garber @thecurvyquilter, jumped in (without asking) and made my block for me!

Lisa is NO stranger to my blog.  She has sewn some incredible quilts for me over the past 18+ months and honestly, I'm not sure what I would do without her and a few of my other sewers AND long arm quilter!

Please check out all her fabulous quilts in these earlier blog posts here and here and here!

OK, without further ado, Lisa's 9-Patch Star Block!

I absolutely LOVE it!  I intentionally designed a block that wasn't intimidating and would come together quickly!

The block Lisa made for me is how I submitted it to Riley Blake Designs at the beginning of this block challenge BUT later I was playing around with color and placement and look how many "looks" you can create with the 9-Patch Star Block!

  A bouquet of tulips (above)!


A scrappy-patchwork (above)!


 and a center cross (above)

Aren't they fun?!  Gives you something to think about as you begin to plan your fabrics and placement for the 9-Patch Star Block.

I had so much fun "playing" with the different looks of the blocks, I decided to use them ALL in a row quilt!

A very simple, straight forward design that would be quick and easy to sew up during our "break period" next week.  And to make it even easier, we're offering it as a KIT here!

The kit includes ALL the (16) Gem Stone Bright fabrics used in the design plus background and binding!

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Lisa made my 9-Patch Star block but she also caught me up and made the (3) blocks I missed while in the hospital.

Check out these beauties . . . . 

Block 9:  Sugar Candy (above)

Designed by my dear and special friend, Jill Finley of Jillily Studios!

Pattern can be found here!

 Block 10:  Lady of the Lake (above)

Designed by Amanda Castor of @materialgirlquilts

Pattern can be found here!

Block 11:  Glint (above)

Designed by Melissa Mortenson of @polkadotchair

Pattern can be found here!

Glint and 9-Patch Star share some similar characteristics but still very different! 

I hope you enjoy creating your very own 9-Patch Star block and I'm extra curious if you'll make it the way I submitted it to Riley Blake Designs or if you'll take a different direction.  Please let me know in the comments!

Don't forget!  This is the last block for May.  We're taking a break next week to catch up on our blocks or make more blocks or just chill because you know, summer is right around the corner!

Happy 9-Patch Star Sewing!



PS:  I was able to get my version of the Sugar Candy block by Jill Finley done before Covid-19 struck and I wanted to share it with you here:

I like Lisa's version better; but I was intrigued that we had the same idea just our tones are different; her's light, mine dark!

So, the above are my (9) blocks that will be mixed and mingled with Lisa's (7) blocks (the (3) above and the (4) blocks coming in June)!

This quilt will hold so much more meaning to me than when we started.
































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  • I would love to make the pattern the way that you have it displayed. It really caught my eye! Do you have any estimates on yardages, sizes?

    Shari Tuttle on

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