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December is right around the corner and with a flip of the calendar, you can anticipate Delightful's arrival into the Marketplace!  
Here's a quick highlight of what you can expect upon Delightful's arrival!

(24) classic florals and ditsy companion prints

in luscious mustard yellow, navy, light blue and gray.

Additionally, (3) Hexie inspired 108" wide backs too!

In a tonal mix of blues (above)

yellows and grays (above)

and multi! (above)

New to the Delightful collection are 1 Yard Fabric Bundles consisting of

(8) 1 yard cuts of each print in the Navy colorway

OR Gold colorway

OR Blue colorway


How fun is that! 

What a great way to display 8 yards of fabric on your shelf

without taking up a whole lot of space.  Move over 10" Stackers  

the 1-Yard Fabric Bundles are in town!

(bundle measures 9" x 12")

Do you know what already arrived in anticipation of Delightful?

Perfectly Paired Quilt!

Featured in the December issue of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine

(available on newsstands now).  

There isn't a more perfect pairing than the classic Navy and Gold (yellow) color combination wouldn't you agree?

Check out the rest of the designs made in Delightful!

FQ Friendly Flower Patch Blossoms! (above) 

72" x 88" 

Shadow Stars (on right) and Twinkling Stars (on left)

Part of my TWO Designs in ONE Pattern series!

Shadow Stars:  60" x 80"

Twinkling Stars:  76" x 76"

We jumped back a bit and REFRESHED several of our classic designs

from years past (available as pdf patterns only) and I hate to say it,

but I'm kind of liking them better in the Delightful Collection!

Check out 9-Patch Stars / pdf pattern only (above)

Blue Waltz I / pdf pattern only (above)

and Blue Waltz II / pdf pattern only (above)

Crossed Paths / pdf pattern only (above)

Holiday Stars / pdf pattern only (above)

Prairie Stars / pdf pattern only (above)

Panier de Fleur / pdf pattern only (above)

Poinsettia Stars / pdf pattern only (above)

and Trailing Stars / pdf pattern only (above)

And some of our more recent designs,

still available as printed patterns but REFRESHED in Delightful!

Whirly Blooms (above)

Sophia (above)

Swirl (above)

and Celine (above)

Well, there it is!  December will be here before you know it and once the holidays are behind you,

sneak away to your sewing room and begin to make a

quilt made in Delightful! 

It will be the PERFECT quilt to display when spring arrives -

which is "right around the corner" too!

I'd love to know in the Comments Below,

what design you would make FIRST in Delightful!


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  • I love Sophia and Nine Patch Stars

    Vicki Brown on
  • I like, 9 patch or Sophia, I love these colors.

    Virginia Cebell on
  • Just lovely !!

    Brenda Wilkinson on
  • I love the new Delightful fabric line. It’s hard to pick a quilt to start with, but I think I would choose Flower Patch Blossoms!

    Cherry Blaker on

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