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Welcome Back!  Today I'm sharing all things Exquisite.

Exquisite is a (25) piece collection

of deep burgundy, charcoal gray, blush pink

and soft gray florals, paisleys and ditsy companion prints 

shipping June 2021!

NEW and DIFFERENT with the Exquisite Collection is the addition of

GOLD SPARKLE seen in the prints above AND

The rest of the Exquisite Collection is just as beautiful
WITHOUT the extra "sparkle" (below).

Here's a close up of each of the prints (in all colorways) below. 
First up, Exquisite Main Print:

Exquisite Paisley (below):

Exquisite Flowers (below):

Exquisite Blooms (below):

Exquisite Vines (below):

Exquisite Stems (below):

Exquisite Ditsy (below)

and Exquisite Bouquet (below):

In addition to the Gold AND Rose Gold Sparkle,

Exquisite has a Baltimore Album INSPIRED Panel!

(panel measures 40" x 40")

The Exquisite Panel uses elements from my

Blooming Blossoms plastic templates!

For the true applique enthusiasts, simply use the Exquisite Panel

as a "pattern and placement guide" 


the Blooming Blossoms templates 

to create the (9) applique blocks the "traditional way!

I know what you're thinking and YES, the panel block elements (flowers, leaves, circles etc) are the EXACT size as the Blooming Blossom templates!

The Blooming Blossom templates were used to create the Exquisite Panel!

Want to see how the Exquisite Panel looks as a quilt?

Isn't it beautiful?! 

It's as simple and easy as adding an inner and outer border to the panel and the Exquisite Blossom Panel Quilt is complete!

Quilt measures 51" x 51"

With a wee bit more of sewing, you too can sew and have your own 

Exquisitely Baltimore Quilt (below):

Quilt measures 76" x 76"

Want to know the BEST part of the above 2 quilts? 

FREE Patterns! 

That's correct!  BOTH designs will be FREE Patterns available on my website plantedseeddesigns.com June, 2021 when

Exquisite ships into the Marketplace!

Oh My Goodness!! 

I almost forgot to let you know that Exquisite has

(3) 108" Wide Back Prints too!

Burgundy Exquisite Floral Wide Back (above)

Blush Exquisite Floral Wide Back (above)

and Charcoal Exquisite Floral Wide Back (above).

Do you know what else is NEW with the Exquisite Collection


That's right!  1 yard fabric cuts of 8 or 9 Exquisite prints PLUS the panel, folded, stacked, ribbon tied and plastic wrapped.  

Check out the (3) Exquisite Fabric Bundles below:

Charcoal (above)

Blush (above)

Burgundy (above)

Pretty exciting isn't it!  

Exquisite isn't just for quilts! 

How about a tote and companion zippered wristlets!

Designed and made by my dear quilting friend,

Amy Chappell of @amerooniedesigns!

AND they are a FREE pattern as well, found right here!

Curious how some of my "older" designs look in Exquisite

Check out this line up!


Audrey (above)

Starlights (top) AND Criss Cross Stars (below)

Part of my 2 Designs in 1 Pattern series!

Check out Majestic (below):

How about Poinsettia Stars in Grays (below):

or in Burgundy and Blush (below):

A Poinsettia Stars for "him"(gray colorway) and one for you!

Check out Sophia (below):

There's ONE more thing I want to share with you! 

Since Exquisite ships June 2021, why not consider Exquisite

as a non-traditional/tradition Christmas/Holiday Collection!

I'll be showing/sharing Exquisite stockings,

tree skirt, table place settings all with Christmas in mind. 

You can already see it, right?

Well, what do you think?  What is your favorite thing about Exquisite?  I'd love to know! 

Please leave me a comment below!


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  • You have chosen the exact right name for this collection. I can hardly wait for it to become available

    Nancy Furniss on
  • OMG Gerri it is soooo beautiful. I always loved all of your fabrics obviously lol…these are just soooo romantic and dreamy. GORGEOUS colors and that touch of gold! The applique and panel too wowza we are spoiled!

    Lisa Garber on
  • Beautiful designs and colors, and I can’t wait until they are ready to order!

    Pam Whitt on
  • I love, love, love this line. It is so beautiful. I make a lot of table cloths and runners and I think this would be a fabulous line to use.

    shirley on
  • Beautiful colours and patterns. Just like an English garden.

    Denise Bomyer on

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