Time to Choose Names!

Posted by Gerri Robinson on

What a fun and lively 2 weeks its been as we continue to see, share and find more Gem Stones Brights projects popping up across the social media platforms.

Riley Blake Designs has captured all the projects created from their ambassador bloggers hereIf you haven't had the time to check out each of these bloggers and their amazing creations, its well worth your time; you will not be disappointed!

Then last week we introduced (5) New/FREE Quilt Designs using the Gem Stones Brights and my Triangle-in-a-Square tool.  You can read all about it here.

As part of last week's post, I was asking for assistance in naming each of the quilt designs and you guys did NOT disappoint!

Here are some of the suggested names for Design 1 (below):

1.  Endless Stars       2.  Bright Stars       3.  Chinese Checker   
4.  Star Bright       5.  Rainbow Galaxy


Design 2's suggested names (below):

1.  Starry Diamonds       2.  Diamond Chains       3.  Diamonds on Parade


Design 3's suggested names (below): 

1.  Lifted Rainbow    2.  Bright Pearls    3.  Rainbow Lattice    4.  Oscillations 


Design 4's suggested names:

1.  Zany Zigzag       2.  Light Waves       3.  Bright Switchback 

4.  Banners       5.  Zig-Zag Pathways     6.  Giant Ric-Rac


Design 5's suggested names (below): 

1.  Fun Fiesta       2.  Emerald Chains       3.  Diamonds and Pearls   


There you have it!  Please VOTE for your favorite name for EACH of the (5) designs above by leaving a COMMENT.  It's that simple!  Majority wins! 

Happy Quilting!



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  • 1. interlocking stars
    2. stars and strips
    3. basket weave
    4. barbwire
    5. royal lace

    Yvonne (Yvie) Swaim on
  • 1: Chinese Checkers; 2:Diamond Chains; 3: Rainbow Lattice; 4: Giant Rick Racks; 5: Emerald Chains

    Charline Boudreau on
  • - Chinese Checkers, #2 Diamond Chains, #3 Rainbow Lattice, #4 Zany Zigzags and #5 Fun Fiesta
    debby on
  • 1. Chinese Checkers — a game I tried to learn when I was younger.
    2. Starry Diamonds
    3. Bright Pearls
    4. Giant Rick Rack
    5. Fun Fiesta

    Denise Boysel on
  • Design 1 – Chinese Checkers, Design 2 – Diamond Chains, Design 3 – Rainbow Lattice, Design 4 – Light Waves, Design 5 – Fun Fiesta

    MoeWest on

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