Pre-Cut Friendly Quilt Patterns: Part 1

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When I go to fabric shops I am always so tempted by the perfectly folded bundles of Fat Quarters or the colorful, neat 5" and 10" stackers. And, let's be honest, there is nothing more fun then unrolling a brand new Rollie Pollie! 

Pre-cuts are convenient and fun ways to buy fabric AND they can save you a step or two when cutting the pieces for your pattern- if, that is, your pattern is pre-cut friendly!

If you're anything like me you probably have a stack of pre-cuts you just can't bear to cut into because they look so perfect on your shelf! I get it, I do. You just have to find the right pattern...

Luckily for you in my next two blog posts I am rounding up some of my very favorite patterns I have made and they all happen to be pre-cut friendly!! After these posts you'll be ready to finally cut into that perfect bundle!

Today we will see patterns that are great for Fat Quarters and Rollie Pollies.

If you have Fat Quarters...



Flutter is perfect for Fat Quarters and is TWO designs in ONE pattern! Shop it here as a PDF and here in physical form.


Celine is a new pattern from my last collection, Rose Garden, and is available as a PDF and physical pattern.


Stacked Hearts

Stacked Hearts can be found as a PDF or a physical pattern.



Blossom is such a fun floral design is TWO designs in ONE pattern! Available in physical and PDF form.


If you have a Rollie Pollie or Jelly Roll...



Windmills is a beautiful pattern for 2 1/2" strips. Shown here in Charming. This pattern is available in physical and PDF form.



The Swirl pattern is shown here in Rustic Romance and is available as both a physical and PDF pattern!


Climbing Roses

Shop my Climbing Roses PDF Pattern!

I hope these patterns are perfect for your pre-cut collection and be sure to check back next week to see a roundup of patterns perfect for 5" & 10" Stackers!

- Gerri 


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