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It's Week 4 of the Riley Blake Designs Classic Quilt Block Challenge and when I read it was the Economy Block I had to Google it to understand what it was because I had never heard of a block called this.

To my surprise, I was familiar with it but called it something completely different; a Square-in-a-Square block.  

So I got excited and grabbed my Tranquility prints and went to town because I knew this style of block would really highlight the prints beautifully.

I couldn't help myself.  I just kept going with no real plan other than grabbing (3) prints and sewing them together.

And found myself really gravitating toward the Tranquility Main Print (large floral) as it appeared in most of my blocks but check out this ribbon stripe!

With the Tranquility Main print and small check - be still my heart!!

I digress... but did you see what I did with the Tranquility ribbon stripe and main print earlier this month?  Check out the details here.

Well, its still true.  I have no plan but I continue to grab (3) prints and sew the Economy Blocks (Square-in-a-Square blocks) with the hope they speak to me and guide me on how to sew them together.

Any suggestions or ideas?  I'd love to hear what you see or envision!

Oh before I forget, Tranquility (check it out here) is on track to arrive the Riley Blake Designs warehouse in May!  May is literally right around the corner now - like next week; eek!!

As soon as it's in stock on my website, you WILL be the first to know!

Interested in making one or several of the Economy Block too?  Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter has an easy to follow tutorial on her blog here.  

Until next week . . . . Happy Quilting!!!



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  • I heard there is a pattern where you can make a block in a block . I would like that pattern if possible. Thanks

    Nancy Bernhardt on
  • Great block to make,and so easy.

    Fran on
  • I love the simplicity of this square and the beauty of this fabric, and that it isn’t so chopped up that it gets lost in the square. You will be able to assemble a beautiful quilt in any way you put them together.

    Lynne on

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