It's May! You know what that means, right?

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Tranquility is on its way!!!  It hasn't arrived in our Shop yet but it will in the coming weeks.  

Did you know Tranquility was a "direct" inspiration to create a similar but different collection than Charming?  You guys LOVED Charming and asked if I would design another collection similar but different and I'm hopeful you'll LOVE Tranquility just as much, if not more!

In fact, I wanted to create and share these side-by-side designs originally created in Charming (on the left) but RE-FRESHED in Tranquility to show you the similarities.  

Check out Flutter; FQ Friendly!

and Hidden Shoofly:

You guys have made Flutter/Hidden Shoofly our #1 pattern to date!  Thank you so much!!

Next up, Windmills2-1/2" strip friendly!

and Blooming Basket Stars:

and Blooming Baskets! 

Are you falling in love with Blooming Baskets but are scared of "all that appliqué"? 

Have no fear!!!  What's new with the Tranquility Collection are Tranquility Basket PANELS 1 and 2!!  Removing all your applique fears and anxieties!

Tranquility Basket Panel #1 (below)

Tranquility Basket Panel #2 (below)

Well?  Do you think we accomplished our objective of creating a similar but different collection than Charming?

Since we're on the subject of RE-FRESHING designs in Tranquility, did you know we RE-FRESH most of our designs in our most current collection?  Yes, we really do!!!

Check out this screen shot from our website's home page to help you navigate our site on where you can find it.

In the top menu bar, see RE-FRESHED Quilts with the "drop down" arrow?  Simply click on the arrow and the menu options will display.

Choose the fabric collection you'd like to peruse, and scroll through to see all the designs RE-FRESHED in the collection of your choice!

And since we're navigating our website, I want to bring the RE-IMAGINED QUILTS to your attention as well:



We've RE-IMAGINED several of our designs in Tranquility by ADDING the Tranquility Basket Panel.  I think you're going to LOVE the new "re-imagined" look and remember, there is NO applique involved - just the "look" of applique!

Check out Hope . . .

along with Dazzling5" Stacker Friendly also found in the Casual Classic Quilts book.


and Swirl:  2-1/2" Strip Friendly!

There has been such incredible anticipation for this collection that I'm accepting orders for any of the Tranquility kits found here.

If there's a design that you'd love to have a Tranquility kit but do not see it on our site, please drop me a quick email at and let me know which design you'd like kitted in Tranquility and I'll reply with the price.

I'll kit any design in Tranquility, as long as I still have the fabric or access in getting more from Riley Blake Designs.

Whew! That's a lot of information to digest. I hope you're excited as much as we are anticipating Tranquility's arrival!

Until next week, when I share a few more Tranquility projects with you, enjoy the spring weather and of course, quilting!


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  • Thanks Lee! I am so happy you are loving Tranquility too. Those panels are the best, aren’t they?!! Make sure you get yourself one or both when they arrive, I have a funny feeling they’re going to go fast!


    gerri robinson on
  • What a beautiful line of fabric and I think you met the objective! I LOVE the panels!!

    lee on

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