Quilts in Bloom Continuing to Bloom in Gem Stones - Part II

Posted by Gerri Robinson on

In my previous post here, I shared several of the designs in my Quilts in Bloom book REFRESHED in Gem Stones and Gem Stones Bright

I highly encourage you to take the time and check the quilts out, it does not disappoint!

Let's pick it up with our next design, Pinwheel Staircase (below) with a white ground!

Why such an emphasis on "white ground" you may ask?  Look what happens to the design when you REPLACE the white ground with a colored ground!

Isn't that amazing?!!!  True story - SAME design just changing the white ground to a colored ground gives you a completely different look and feel!!!

Pinwheel Staircase (white ground) is Rolie Polie Friendly while the Pinwheel Staircase (colored ground) is FQ Friendly!

Snails Tails (below) is another quilt designed from a SINGLE Gem Stone Print much like the Double Nine-Patch in my previous blog post.  Check it out if you have not done so already!

We also REFRESHED Snails Tails in more than one print - using ALL the Gem Stone Brights for this colorful version below.


Which one is your favorite?  Single Color or Multi Color?  I'm a bit torn.  I like them both but for very different reasons.  How about you?

Jumping Jacks (below) is another beauty set on a dark ground really allowing the blocks to "jump" right off the surface of the quilt.  I'm sure you remember doing jumping jacks in PE class.  Boy oh boy, my knees sure do!


Criss Cross Buttercup (below) is a very simple design allowing the colors to play off each other in a fun and criss cross way!  I love the moodiness of all these colors against the stark black and white 4-Patch block.

Well, what do you think?  I realize I asked the same question in my previous post but I have to ask it again.  Are you still a traditional floral quilter or have you been influenced by the brighter colors to consider making a quilt or two in brights?

If you like the quilt designs, ALL can be found (for a total of 19) in my Quilts in Bloom book here as a spiral bound printed version or here as a pdf!

Interested in sewing with Gem Stones?  ALL the prints can be found here!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a different color perspective on my designs originally created in traditional florals as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Happy "whatever your style is" Quilting!


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  • I love all of your quilt designs! ❤️

    Kathy on

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