Pre-Cut Friendly Quilt Patterns: Part 2

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Welcome back! This week I'm sharing my favorite patterns for 5" & 10" Stackers or Layer Cakes. If you missed last week, click HERE to go back and see Fat Quarter and Rolie Polie friendly patterns!

Let's start with the 10" Stacker friendly patterns. First up, Leah!


This is a great pattern for a beginner quilter! Leah is shown here in Rose Garden fabric and you can shop the pattern in physical and PDF form.

Next up, Hopscotch!



This quilt is so fun to make! You can shop the Hopscotch pattern in physical and PDF form. All the negative space in this pattern is a great opportunity to show off unique quilting detail. Hopscotch is shown here in Rustic Romance fabric.


Garden Rows & Scattered Seeds

You can make these TWO patterns from just ONE 10" Stacker! Shop this pattern in physical or PDF form to get two designs in one pattern.

If you have a 5" Stacker handy...



This patterns works great with a 5" Stacker and is another good pattern for beginners. You can shop it as a physical or PDF pattern!

If you have assorted pre-cuts and want to make quilts that coordinate and have the same style and feel then check out my Casual Classic Quilts book

This book has 9 different quilt designs and several of them use different pre-cuts. 

You can shop this book HERE!

If you found a pattern you love but don't already have fabric, you can shop pre-cuts from my most recent collections (including PSD2's Gem Stones) HERE.

Happy Friday!



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