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Today I am so excited to share with you four new patterns! The best part? There are four patterns but a total of TWELVE designs!! This is because each pattern includes three designs- one to represent the individual style of one of my three sons.

If you are new to the PSD2 brand and story, click HERE to learn more!

You will notice as we look through the patterns that there are three main styles: Neutral, Muti-color, and Tonal.

Let's take a look at the patterns. First up, COGS!

Cogs was named for what the block means to me; a wheel with a series of projections on its edge that transfers motion by engaging another wheel. But, when creating the different designs each quilt took on a new life meaning.

Andrew, being the oldest with a few more years of life under his belt, has chosen carefully throughout his life who he engages with. He prefers singular engagement but enjoys the many layers and levels of life.

Josh was born to connect and connect he does in all aspects of his life, whether directly or indirectly through social media.

Michael, having just graduated from college, is still navigating his way through life with new experiences, acquaintances, learnings and teachings; all contributing to his life growth.

Next is LAYERS!

Layers looks more like a diamond, but just below the surface the design represents three layers or stages of my sons' lives: Childhood, Teens/Twenties, and Adulthood. Each 'layer' building on the last in preparation for their next phase of life.

At an early age Andrew coined a phrase "myself, myself" and it is still his life mantra! His design reflects that... in rhythm with life until something signals him to go a different direction.


Josh's design could easily be named "The Many Layers of Josh..." his life, experiences, relationships, talents, interests, and more potential. Some layers are more colorful than others, some he'd like to forget, but all play a part in contributing to who he is.

Michael's design is more reflective of family order. He's the youngest of my three boys ( but still the tallest!) and being connected to his brothers is very important to him.

Let's take a look at LINKS!

Links is another design named for what it represents to me, a connection between two things or a ring in a chain. Like with the other designs, each son's design took on a whole new meaning!

Andrew is a very private person and enjoys spending time one-on-one or in small intimate gatherings. If the gathering gets too large or loud, he retreats to the background and prefers to observe at a distance.

Josh is a mix and mingle kind of guy, getting to know most people in the room and establishing new connections. Although, he has a lot of acquaintances, his core network of friends are truly an extension of his family.

Michael recently wrapper up his football career when he graduated from college with most of his connections being his teammates. The bond that held them together will forever keep the linked as they navigate their next steps in life.

The last pattern is ROW HOUSES!

Row Houses isn't what you'd typically think of for a "house designed" style of quilt but that's the name that came to mind as I created the three versions for each son.

Andrew's Row Houses reflect the different cities and states he has lived in since leaving home for college. His life journey has taken him from Colorado to California to Nashville to Austin, where he currently lives.

Josh's Row House is very singular. When Josh left home to attend college in Arizona, he found his happy place and has stayed ever since!

Michael's Row House is what I call a "Flipper Upper". Mike's first job out of college was a financial analyst, where he analyzed depressed properties to determine if they were worthy of purchasing, fixing up, and putting back on the market.

These four patterns are all available now and they all use at least on of my 6 Basic Quilting Elements. Need a refresher on those? Click here to read a post all about it!

I hope you enjoy these new patterns and they take on a new story/meaning to you!



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