PSD2: One Pattern, Three Styles!

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For those of you who have been following along, you have already been introduced to our new brand Planted Seed Designs 2 or PSD2! If you're new around here (welcome, we're thrilled you're here!) you can read all about it HERE.

With PSD2 I have a collection of patterns that were designed specifically for my adult sons and their individual styles. Because each of my sons are very different in personality, their individual quilt designs ended up looking VERY different. This means that in one single pattern you will walk away with THREE quilt designs!

Let me show you what I mean by showcasing one of the patterns, Links (below).

Links was designed with special meaning behind it. I used this design to tell the story of my sons and their different relationships.

Andrew is my eldest son and is the most minimal in his style preference. He gravitates toward neutrals and simplicity. His Links quilt (shown below) represents his personality and style in that he is a very private person and enjoys spending time one-on-one or in small intimate gatherings. Therefore, his 'Links' are more spread out throughout the design and I used minimal colors of Gem Stones fabric.

Josh, my middle son, is the opposite! He prefers bold colors and is a mix and mingle kind of guy, getting to know most people in the room and establishing new connections. His core network of friends are truly an extension of his family so his quilt design (shown below) has more 'Links'.

My youngest, Michael, recently wrapped up his football career when he graduated from college with most of his connections being his teammates. The bond that held them together will forever keep them linked as they navigate their next steps in life. His style is very tonal and is represented through the beautiful tonal Gem Stone blues in his quilt (below.)

As you can see these quilts all look totally different but use the same 'Links' pattern. Why buy a pattern that only has one design option when you could have three?!

If you love this concept as much as I do, click HERE to see the three other patterns that use this concept.

Which style do you resonate with? Are you an Andrew, Josh, or Michael?!


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