What Do the Icons Mean?

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You know, here at Planted Seed Designs and PSD2 we want every single pattern to do as much for you as possible! This means bringing you patterns that have two quilt designs in one pattern, or Build-a-Block/Build-a-Quilt where you get upwards of 5 quilt designs in one pattern or a simple Re-Fresh of fabrics that give our designs a whole new look!

To help us (and you!) organize our efforts, we created some branded symbols that are attached to patterns and concepts. Today's post is going to walk you through each symbol so when you see it on your next pattern or on our website, you know what it means!

1. Two in One

This concept is pretty self explanatory. You buy one pattern but get TWO quilt designs in ONE pattern! See below for a handful of my 2 in 1 patterns:

Criss Cross Stars and Starlights

Shadow Stars and Twinkling Stars

Flutter and Hidden Shoofly 


2. Build-a-Block, Build-a-Quilt

This is a new concept I launched with my Gem Stones Star Sampler and is one that will be incorporated with my new line Serenity (coming this fall). I wrote a whole blog post HERE to introduce this concept and explain how it works!


3. Mixology

Mixology was born after the launch of PSD2 when I discovered mixing the more modern PSD2 Gem Stones fabric with my traditional Planted Seed Designs style gave me quilt designs that had an ultra-modern, yet tailored look! You can read all about Mixology and see quilt examples HERE!


The last concepts I want to talk about are my MOD-ified, Re-Freshed, and Re-Imagined designs! These have been around for a while and you may have seen them on my website. Above you can see some examples of these designs but I have more detailed blog posts to tell you about each concept! Click the links below to learn more!

MOD-ified Designs

Re-Freshed Designs

Re-Imagined Designs

I hope this helps you be more familiar with these new labels and that you'll keep an eye out for them the next time you go pattern shopping!


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