Sitting on the Fence, Needing Some (Embroidery) Guidance

Posted by Gerri Robinson on

Ladies, I need some guidance on something I know very little about - embroidery.

If you followed along during the last 2 Markets, you may have seen snippets of some gorgeous hooped embroidery baskets in my booth but very little mention of them since.

There's a reason . . . . the embroidery baskets were my sister, Theresa's, interpretation of my original appliqué Blooming Baskets. I asked if she'd interpret the appliqué baskets into embroidery and that's when everything happened that we didn't plan, expect or anticipate. People were over the moon ecstatic over them!

One particular company, Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design (OESD), jumped right in and digitized each of the baskets as close to my sister's stitches and packaged them in a CD and/or digital download.  So for you machine embroidery enthusiasts, we have the embroidery baskets CD available right HERE! 

I encourage you to check it out just to see the fantastic job OESD did in interpreting my sister's stitches - truly remarkable!

I thought that would be the answer to the "embroidery" demand but I was wrong.  Not everyone has an embroidery machine and there's a growing handful of stitchers that prefer hand embroidery instead.

The request for individual embroidery patterns continues and that's where I need your help!!

Would you be so kind to take the following survey, if you're a hand embroidery enthusiast or know someone who is, I really would appreciate your feedback!


Keep scrolling to see all 7 of these gorgeous embroidery hoops and some detail shots of the stitch work!

Design #1:

Design #2:

 Design #3:

Design #4:

Design #5:

Design #6:

Design #7:

I hope you loved these and I can't wait to hear your feedback to help shape the future of Embroidery at Planted Seed Designs!


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  • Hello! I love these embroidered baskets. I participated in your survey in 2019 and have been anxiously awaiting patterns for the hand embroidery. Are these still in the works and when might we be able to purchase? My Local Quilt Store is onboard with doing a monthly stitch-together at the shop next year using your basket pattens if they will be available. Thank you!

    Mary Turner on
  • Hi Brenda!

    Yes they can!

    In fact, they originally were designed as applique baskets and each basket is featured in my book Blooming Baskets which you purchased from me!! So you can applique or machine embroidery; whichever you prefer!

    Gerri Robinson

    Gerri Robinson on
  • I purchase these, love them. Can some of them be Applique?

    Brenda Asbury on

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