Gem Stones: Two New Aspects to your New Favorite Fabric!

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Today is all about Gem Stones! I know we have introduced Gem Stones here on the blog before but today I want to focus on two new aspects of the line you may not have noticed before...

First, the gradient aspect of the SKU's. Each piece in this 30 print collection is unique in that some SKU's fade from dark to light within the same color and other SKU's fade into a totally new color!! 

Can you spot the pieces that change color in the photo above? We have one that goes from a steely blue to a soft gold, purple turning into teal, chocolate brown into blue, and even one that mimics the sunset!

An important thing to note about Gem Stones is that the gradient design that showcases the full range of the color goes from selvedge edge to selvedge edge. What does this mean? It means that if you were to purchase a Fat Quarter bundle or a Stacker pre-cut you will not be getting the full color range of each SKU!

Those pre-cuts are great for some projects (I even have a list of pre-cut friendly patterns HERE and HERE) but it is important to note that if you want the FULL color range you will need to get either a Rolie Polie pre-cut or yardage

Speaking of Rolie Polie's.... see below for a little peek at a new free pattern/tutorial coming soon to the blog!! I can't wait to share this project with you!

The second aspect of Gem Stones I want to share with you came as a complete surprise to me. When I designed Gem Stones it was with the intent of creating something for my three adult sons (you can read more about the story HERE). I knew that Gem Stones would take on more of a modern look, especially in comparison to my classic Planted Seed Designs florals, but I was shocked by the response from many modern quilters!

When I debuted Gem Stones I discovered that it was the answer to an ongoing discussion that had been going on in the Modern Quilting world for the year or so: is there a fabric in the current marketplace that could replace the 'dot'?  

The "dot" needed to be re-Invented! Now, I was NOT setting out to 're-invent the dot' when I designed Gem Stones but I was thrilled to learn that the Modern Quilting world sees Gem Stones in a whole new light- their replacement for the classic dot! Take a look at the 2" squares in the photo below. Can you see the 'dot' element?

Gem Stones is such a versatile collection and I have truly loved seeing how different makers take the collection and put their own spin on it- you are all so creative! I hope seeing the 'dot' aspect and more of the full gradient range has inspired you today but I have one more 'inspiring' surprise...

THE GEM STONES LOOKBOOK IS LIVE!!! Click HERE to see our new lookbook and get inspired by Gem Stones and the quilts designed for the collection!

Gem Stones had too much good content so we decided to split the lookbook up into volumes. This is Vol. 1 but there are more to come!

Happy Sewing!





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